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The Old Bean Counters Don’t Cut It Anymore

beanWhen you think of the stereotypical accountant, you may picture a scene out of “Office Space,” where employees punch away at keyboards in grim cubicles and fill their balance sheets. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article[1], employers are saying “I’m gonna need you to go ahead and… do a lot more than that.”

These days, financial positions, from the CFO to entry-level accountants, are becoming less focused on simple computing and numbers and more about the strategy and what to with those numbers.

A recent survey by the Institute of Management Accountants and the American Productivity & Quality Center found leadership, forecasting, strategic thinking, cost management and financial reporting are some of the skills most lacking in today’s financial professionals. Eighty-one percent of the finance and human resources hiring managers surveyed said planning, budgeting and forecasting skills were “quite a bit” or “extremely” necessary for their organization to succeed[2]. Those same respondents said only 30 percent of entry-level financial professionals possess those skills[3]. The stats were worse for leadership skills: 77 percent of respondents agreed leadership ability was a necessity for entry-level finance professionals, while only 14 percent of respondents said those employees had it[4].

The increasingly complex business landscape, with tighter regulations, requires financial professionals of all levels to have a wider range of skills. Not only do businesses want employees to have the ability to develop and explain a balance sheet– they want employees to be able to analyze data and present it in layman’s terms to colleagues.

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[1] “The Plain-Vanilla Accountant Goes Out of Style,” Wall Street Journal, 19 May 2015.

[2], 3, 4 “The Skills Gap in Entry Level Management Accounting and Finance,” American Productivity & Quality Center and the Institute of Management Accountants, p. 7.


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