THE NEW ADP SMARTCOMPLIANCE® – IT STARTS NOWYou can now opt-in and enjoy a new task-based work management experience. The new

ADP SmartCompliance will help you prioritize work, raise actions you need to take and keep you informed of what ADP is doing for you. Click the big blue button when you log in to try it out.













  • The first thing you’ll notice after logging in and clicking the blue button is your brand new home page. We’ve taken the tasks you get in the message center today and created a new interface that sorts your work by action; this way you can organize your day more easily and focus on the work that really matters.
  • In addition to the tasks that need to be done, you can now get a window into the work ADP is doing for you. Check out the work in the ‘In Process’ section of the home page to see what work is in flight right now.
  • A completely overhauled user management experience that reduces your steps down from 37 to 3. Now set up users in minutes using existing employee profiles. Simply copy and existing employees’ permissions onto your new user.
  • Looking for something specific? Go to ‘Processes’ to narrow down your search for that specific amendment, or see what you have open in different services.
  • While the new home page is still getting updates, remember you can always go back to the original portal while we work. Everything stays in sync all the time so you can choose the workflow that works best for you.



  • Amendment and Agency Notice workflows are now directly accessible through the new task-based work management experience.
  • Workflow-based Amendment view with visible progress and next steps of each amendment.  Consolidated report links, summary information and relevant approval steps.
  • Workflow-based Agency Notices view with visible progress and next steps of each notice, including the ability to take notes and send information directly to the notice researcher.
  • If ADP requires any additional actions from you, the specific needs will be clear and the status visible in the Progress Bar.
  • We’ve consolidated links to duplicate or subsequent notices, helping to eliminate your manual tracking of related notices



  • We are excited to introduce you to an entirely new Funding Request experience on ADP SmartCompliance®! This reinvented feature brings simplicity and:
  • Real-time notification of funding request via the home page.
  • No more screen surfing. Find all of your funding obligation and credit detail in one place and see a real-time view of funding request as they progress.
  • Exportable data feature that allows you more flexibility in using your data.
  • A more intuitive experience, helping to reduce training time and allow users to complete tasks more efficiently.


In addition to helping make your work-life easier and more efficient, we will now provide you with a summary of your upcoming activities, which include funding requests requiring scheduling, requests for missing information and documents requiring your review and action.

Link to the New Home Page

A new link (the blue button below) has been added that when clicked will take you to our new home page.


New Home Page view: 

The new home page will now show your upcoming activities grouped into like actions within clickable tiles.  These tiles will display a number on the left hand side when multiple actions are required.  If only one action is required, a single item tile will be displayed, giving high level information regarding the action needed.

The activities will be split into two different sections with the first being ‘Urgent’, which will reflect anything that requires your immediate action. The second will display the actions that are coming soon in the ‘To Do’ section.



You will be able to view both your upcoming and completed Funding Requests.



To complete the action of scheduling a wire date for upcoming Funding Requests, you would click on the ‘Set Wire Date’ tile. (Clients with a funding method of Reverse Wire and ACH will not be required to complete this action, and will access their Funding Request details via the ‘Upcoming Fundings’ tile or under ‘Processes’).



This will take you to the high level Funding Request, where you can see the date the funding is due and the amount due as well.  To the right you will also see a wire date already scheduled that you may want to add this request to, which could help reduce the number of wires you may need to send.

However, should you prefer to see the Funding Request detail, you can click on ‘View Details and Options’



Clicking on ‘VIEW DETAILS AND OPTIONS’  will take you to the Funding Request page, where you can now see the Progress of the Funding Request on the right of the screen and click on the Funding Request Details option.



Once ‘Funding Request Details’ has been clicked, you will be able to see the details displayed with an option to see additional details for each of the credits displayed.



Once the ’View Details’ option has been chosen, you will see the credit details. You are able to export the data by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner.  It will open in a .CSV format that can be viewed within Excel.

Once you are comfortable with the funding obligation, you are able to schedule a date in which the funds will be wired.  By clicking on the calendar, you can choose any date prior to the due date

Your will be asked to add to the wire date and then confirm your choice.


Once your choice has been confirmed, a ‘Wire Summary’ displaying the Funding Requests and dates to be included within the wire will be displayed.  You can download the ‘Wire Summary’ and forward to parties within your organization that will be wiring the funds.

You no longer need to email this data to ADP, as it will be systemically forwarded to an ADP funding representative on your behalf.

The progress bar will move forward and reflect a status of ‘Awaiting Funds’, and will include the date in which the funds will be wired.

Since these updates take place in real time, once the wire date has been scheduled, the action tile reflecting the number of actions requiring ‘Set Wire Date’ will decrease.

Processes View:

Under ‘Processes’ you can review all Funding Requests regardless of status. Additionally, you can filter processed items by Product and Process type.  You can also search by any of the data reflected.

Clicking on a process will take you into the individual Funding Request where all details can be viewed.




File transmission errors (Periodic, Monthly, Quarterly processes) will be displayed (in addition to your current email notifications) to spotlight any issues you may need to resolve with your internal technical teams and ADP.

For any file transmission-related messages that need your attention, you will find them in the ‘To Do’ section on your home page.  This ensures that you have a consistent method for seeing the file transmission issues that need your attention in the new SmartCompliance experience.


Singular messages will be displayed as an individual tile that can be clicked on to view the details of that item.


If you have multiple messages of the same type, they will be grouped together and you can click the tile to view a list.


The list defaults to showing all items, but you can filter them using the drop-down menu and selecting a specific type.



In the detailed view, summary information is presented on the left and details on the right.


For most file transfer issues, you will need to work with your internal teams and/or ADP to help resolve them.  In the new interface, you should make sure to confirm when the errors are corrected to ensure that the item is removed from your To Do list.




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