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The Future of the Cloud

The cloudThe cloud is becoming more ubiquitous as more companies start to use it as a back-up and data recovery resource, as well as an option to help reduce the burden placed on their IT department. But the ways in which businesses are using the cloud to their advantage are growing, too. The cloud is now a common tool to help businesses store data, and according to a 2014 Forrester Research study1, the cloud is expected to account for 15 percent ($40 billion) of the total IT market by 2020[1]. So how is usage of the cloud evolving and how can businesses leverage its benefits in the future?

One of the directions the cloud is moving toward is hybrid clouds. A hybrid cloud is a set of interconnected and interdependent systems across private and public clouds. This means that companies have internal resources (accessed via the company intranet, for example) and external resources, which can help a company have more flexibility with their storage options.

It’s likely that the cloud’s expansion and the use of hybrid clouds will lead to more frequent sharing of big data. A company that has a smooth, efficient cloud interface may be able to use that to their advantage as they interact across networks and create a seamless data-sharing experience for different business units. This integration may also help facilitate the use of predictive analytics and provide an in-depth analysis of data that can be leveraged across various networks.

Simultaneously, the cloud is catching up with the mobile revolution. More third-party vendors are beginning to prioritize usability on mobile browsers and mobile-specific devices, which will deepen the cloud’s growing influence among companies of all sizes.

With all of these things working in its favor, it seems as though the cloud will remain an important factor in businesses’ ability to track, manage and integrate information throughout their entire organization.

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