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The Cloud: Helping Reduce the IT Burden

The cloudThe “cloud” is a term that is frequently used, and its impact and importance is growing quickly across all industries. But what is the cloud exactly?

It is often perceived as an intangible data storage system that is only applicable to certain types of businesses. However, the cloud has become a normal business function for nearly all types of companies. It is similar to other outsourcing means, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

It is important to note that the cloud does not guarantee improvements for all situations. It is, however, a multi-faced function that can be beneficial under the right circumstances. Ideally, the cloud helps reduce the burden placed on a company’s IT department by automatically making system updates and serving as a recovery resource if a company has a data outage or crisis.

While the cloud can serve multiple business needs, it’s not likely just one cloud program will fulfill a company’s varying needs.  Using multiple cloud programs can help reduce a company’s reliance on a single cloud provider, offer different capabilities and service features and greatly vary in cost.  There are services available that can assist in managing multiple cloud platforms simple and more affordable.  For example, solutions like ADP SmartCompliance® can help integrate differing solutions across multiple cloud programs to work seamlessly together. Smooth integration is an important aspect of any outsourcing function, and the cloud is no different. IT decision-makers should consider how cloud platforms align with their internal systems to achieve a consistent process and easily accessible data.

The cloud can serve as a simple means of sharing data that helps relieve overloaded servers with troves of information. In other instances, it may serve as a reliable back-up for system failures. With a proper solution in place to help manage outsourced functions, the cloud can be a useful option that offers time and cost savings benefits to businesses of all kinds.


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