03.10.16 |

Empowerment Zone Tax Credit Extended Under PATH Act

03.03.16 |

Active Duty Employee Differential Wage Payment Credit Now Available to All Employers

06.23.15 |

Georgia Businesses: Do You Qualify for a Retraining Tax Credit?

06.18.15 |

Budget Cuts Suspend Illinois EDGE Tax Credit Program

01.06.15 |

Indian Employment Credit Provides Incentive to
Hire Tribe Members

05.14.14 |

Tax Extenders Get Closer to Reality

04.04.14 |

Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax Extenders and Establishes a New WOTC Category; Bill Now Headed to Senate

03.05.14 |

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process — Second Principle: Eligibility

Senate Finance Committee Chair Changing Hands – WOTC Still a Priority

Postponed Tax Reform Discussions Could Lead to Expiring Provisions on December 31, 2013


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