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Supporting Employees in Transition

In today’s marketplace, applying for a job often requires you to do more than submit an application. You may need to network, build relationships and develop a personal brand that will resonate with Changeprospective employers.  For anyone transitioning from unemployment, finding the right opportunity can be a challenge unless you have the right resources and tools by your side.

Despite the economic recovery, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that of the 3 million long-term jobless today, about one-third have been unemployed for more than two years, according to data from the Labor Department. What’s more, roughly 100,000 unemployed Americans have been actively seeking employment for at least five years. For the long-term unemployed, they often face significant barriers, including skill depreciation, a loss of their savings power and the personal impact that’s associated with extended unemployment.

To help support employees in transition, businesses may want to consider investing in services that can help these individuals reenter the workforce and find a position that matches their skillset. Because the job search can be strenuous and challenging, providing support during each stage of the process is essential.  Possible best practices could include:

  •  Helping job seekers reevaluate their skills so they can identify the right opportunities.
  • Encouraging job candidates to refine their personal brand and key messages.
  • Organizing networking events where people can create personal relationships.

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