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Severe Weather Serves as Reminder of Benefits of Electronic Pay

It only takes quick glance at the U.S. Postal Service’s “Service Alerts” page to see the impact severe weather can have on mail delivery. After a massive nor’easter hit the East Coast earlier this month, the USPS was reporting weather-related mail delays from Georgia and the Carolinas to New York and Massachusetts1. While states in the NorthCar_Snow_Coveredeast were fairly well-equipped to dig out from the snow, parts of the Southeast were crippled by the storm. Emergency operations and everyday business, including mail delivery, were halted.

This type of weather does little to impact the delivery of wages to those who receive them via electronic delivery methods, but those who receive paper checks may not be so lucky. Whether it was the postal service’s inability to deliver the checks to their homes, or the employees’ inability to get to their places of employment to pick up their checks, there were likely many that had to dip into their savings, borrow from family or friends or go without for several days while they waited to receive their pay. And that’s before employees were faced with trudging through the snow or fighting snarled traffic to reach a bank to deposit or cash those checks.

We’ve seen similar consequences from other types of natural disasters, as well. From hurricanes to earthquakes to severe storms, any disruption to mail delivery can have a significant impact on people getting paid when they need it most – unless they’re signed up for electronic pay.

Not only are electronic wage payments more secure, reliable and convenient for employees, they can help reduce operating expenses and streamline accounting processes for businesses, and ensure employees receive their wages no matter what the weather has in store for them.

Learn more about partnering with ADP on electronic payment solutions and help your business stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

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