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P2P Trends Series 1 of 5: Mobile is No Longer a “Nice to Have”

MobilePayStream Advisors recently did a webinar on the “Top P2P Trends for 2015,” and one of the trends identified was the increase in P2P solutions offering mobile capabilities.  Given today’s environment, this makes sense.

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Tracking Survey Project, conducted April 17 – May 19, 2013, cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90 percent for the first time and as many as 91 percent of adults are using mobile devices.

Given the proliferation of mobile devices in both the consumer and business worlds, it’s becoming apparent that electronic invoicing solutions that do not support a mobile interface are at a competitive disadvantage.  Mobile capabilities are no longer a “nice to have” option – instead, they have become a “need to have” feature for businesses to stay relevant.

So what does having a mobile interface mean from an electronic invoicing standpoint?  There are two questions to consider.  First, what is important to support the buying organization’s needs?  Second, what is needed from the perspective of the buyer’s supplier base since they will be using the automation solution?

Let’s start with the buyer.  A mobile app does not need to support each feature and functionality of a broader e-Invoicing solution.  Plus, it’s highly unlikely that a mobile solution will be used for code splitting on a 100-line item invoice or for purchases that span multiple departments or projects.  However, a mobile interface may mean the difference between approving an invoice on time to capture an early payment discount and missing a discount because an approver is out of the office.

At a minimum, buyer-side users should be able to view their invoices and have the ability to dig into line items in detail and see any associated attachments.  Users should be able to approve, dispute and comment on these invoices, and forward them as needed.  More enhanced mobile interfaces may have the capability to prioritize invoices, see early pay discounts and view basic analytics.

Suppliers, on the other hand, have different expectations from a mobile application standpoint.  Supplier-side users should be able to register in a few easy clicks, create invoices at any time through photo capture and able to early view the status of their transactions.

Taking this a step further is the concept of responsive design, which is gaining popularity.  Responsive design gives users an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device they are using – a laptop, tablet or mobile phone – by adapting the size and layout of content to best fit the screen size.  This minimizes the user’s need to manually scroll and resize web pages or documents on their mobile devices.

It appears that the future is mobile.  Don’t get left behind.

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