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Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process – First Principle: Screening Compliance

How does your business capture the financial benefit of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)?  To help offset tightening budgets and to align with diversity and veteran hiring initiatives, more companies are looking to take advantage of the federal WOTC program.  However, shifting regulations and labor intensive administrative complexities can make it difficult to realize the full benefits of WOTC.

The good news is that there are five key principles that your company can follow to help you optimize thBusinesspeople_Seatede WOTC screening process and identify eligible prospective employees. A best-in-class approach will encompass all of these principles, and through this series of posts, we’ll delve into each one.

Let’s start with screening compliance.

To put it simply, screening compliance refers to the number of new hires who completed the WOTC screening process compared to the total number of actual new hires.

Companies may be able to boost their screening compliance by working with a vendor to help them identify WOTC-eligible individuals via the Web, phone or mail.  The most effective Web and phone screening solutions will likely leverage intuitive step logic technology, which helps simplify the process for job applicants by asking easy-to-understand, progressive screening questions. In addition, the system should allow for electronic or voice signature of the IRS Form 8850 and also allow for secure document submission of additional forms.  Also, the WOTC screening process can be fully integrated into the workflow of your Applicant Tracking solutions.

For each eligible individual that’s hired, a business can qualify for a tax credit of up to $9,600 during the first year of employment. Now that’s money that can really add up! Contact ADP to learn how you can take better advantage of the WOTC by streamlining the screening process. And stay tuned to learn more about the second principle: screening eligibility.



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