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Meet MeF: the IRS’ New E-File System

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Across the board, more corporations and partnerships are choosing to electronically file their tax returns instead of filling out paper returns. In 2015, the number of corporate and partnership tax returns that were filed electronically jumped to over 6 million, marking a 7.7 percent increase from the previous year.1 Clearly, organizations are recognizing the many benefits of e-filing, including the added convenience, improved security and accuracy, as well as the fact that refunds can be distributed at a faster pace.

With e-filing as the new go-to option for many companies, the IRS decided to retire its legacy electronic management system (EMS) and launch the MeF, or Modernized e-File System. The MeF is a web-based platform with enhanced e-filing capabilities and allows businesses to file corporate, individual, partnership, exempt organization and excise tax returns online.2 The IRS dedicated three years to creating the MeF program and consulted software and tax professionals to help make sure this new system would accommodate the needs of businesses. 3

For instructions on preparing and originating returns, as well as how to transmit returns to the IRS, employers can visit the IRS website.

The MeF will continue to undergo process improvements, including the introduction of a Device ID field for tax preparers to help improve security, ID theft detection and prevent fraud.4 In addition to the Device ID, the IRS is coordinating MeF working group meetings to update states and external partners on any changes to the program.5

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