Local Tax Code Locator

Tax Locator Page Local payroll taxes can take many forms and can have varying requirements. Most are withheld from the employee, but there are some taxes that are paid by employers. The Local Tax Locator assists in the identification of local codes, rates, resident and non-resident indicators, as well as other jurisdictional information.

Select the state and then type the name (or part of the name) of the locality. Click Locate, and the database displays all possible matches.

ADP Tax Locator
From just one location, quickly find codes, tax collectors, as well as tax information for local jurisdictions that the employer is required to withhold. With the ADP Tax Locator, all you need is the employee home and work address—The ADP Tax Locator does the rest! No more navigating from one jurisdiction website to another. This tool helps to simplify setup for new hires and transfers. And even better, it’s updated monthly to help you comply with agency requirements.   ...

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