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Legislative Landscape: The Post-Break Congressional Agenda

US Capitol BuildingCurrently in summer recess, and scheduled to return on September 9, 2013, Congress will face a legislative agenda that will include several major initiatives, including reforming the tax code. Of significance, tax provisions regarding the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Indian Employment Tax Credit, Empowerment Zones and others will likely be examined in the process. 

ADP understands that the Chairmen for both tax-writing committees (Chairman Dave Camp, House Ways and Means and Chairman Max Baucus Senate Finance) informed their colleagues to prepare for consideration of tax reform legislation this fall and instructed their staffs to draft proposals over the recess.

In light of this focus, ADP and other members of the National Employment Opportunity Network (“NEON”) are working to coordinate a meeting between the Committee on Joint Tax and Peter Cappelli, Labor Economist with the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and author of “A detail assessment of the value of WOTC”.  The purpose of the meeting is to have Professor Cappelli elaborate on his conclusions that employment of persons that fall in the WOTC categories results in a Federal assistance savings of approximately $17,722 per individual.1

Although both Chairmen have been meeting regularly on tax reform and have held numerous meetings with their colleagues on a bipartisan basis with the hope of advancing tax reform, there are still significant hurdles to clear.  The Chairmen will likely continue their visits around the country through August to discuss tax reform and listen to the concerns that individuals and businesses have with the current system.  ADP will continue to monitor the matter and keep you posted.  

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1 Cappelli, Peter. (2013). A Detailed Assessment of the Value of WOTC. , p 12. Retrieved, from


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