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It’s About More than Just Getting Paid…

Paperless payroll is a growing trend, and employers everywhere are realizing the benefits of an electronic payment method that puts wages into employees’ hands in a way that is often more secure, efficient and cost-effective than printing paper checks.

But it’s not just about employers; there are very real benefits to employees too. Paper checks require either a bank account – which can mean monthly maintenance or other similar fees – or a check cashing service – which can become very expensive. According to a study conducted by Bretton Woods, the average cost to an employee using a basic checking account to receive wages is $273 per year, and check cashing/purchasing money orders is close behind at $253 per year; in contrast, employees using a paycard (based on a survey of seven payroll card providers) to receive their pay incur an average cost of only $83 per year*.  

Learn more about how ADP can help employers and employees achieve fully paperless payroll.

*“Analysis of Network Branded Pay Cards: Comparative Analysis of Pay Cards to Other Payment Options” by Bretton Woods, Inc., August 15 2011.


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