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Is Your HR and Benefits Department Ready to Take On the ACA?

MazeLast week, we started an ongoing series of blog posts to look at how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects many businesses. First, we explored what changes IT departments may need to make in light of new ACA rules. Next, we turn our attention to human resources and benefits – another area that will be essential as businesses navigate this complex time.

While some HR and benefits staff may feel like they have baseline knowledge of the ACA, it is expected that this law will continue to change over the next several months and years. Because employees rely on their HR and benefits departments for guidance on the ACA, it’s important that companies hire professionals who are knowledgeable about the law and comfortable with an increasing level of regulatory complexity. HR and benefits departments also should rethink their communications strategies and tactics around the ACA and work with other internal groups to remain one step ahead as new mandates and requirements become effective.

In particular, HR and benefits professionals face complex leave-of-absence calculations (including jury duty, federal military leave, and federal family and medical leave) and rehire rules specific to ACA administration. They also need to be mindful that employee/independent misclassification issues could have broader ramifications in the context of the ACA and also affect an employer’s ability to ensure they offer minimum essential coverage (MEC) to ACA full-time employees. Failure to meet this requirement could result in costly penalties for the entire business.

Download “ACA Compliance – Whose Job is it, Anyway?” to learn more about the HR and benefits department’s role in ACA compliance.


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