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Help Optimize Your Employment Tax Workflow to Increase Profits and Employee Satisfaction

FlowAccording to ADP and CFO Research, businesses with a strong employment-related tax and payment compliance program often report greater profitability. While these benefits are certainly high priorities for businesses, increasing demands in a highly regulated environment can make it difficult to build a strong employment tax program.

The American Institute of CPAs’ 2013 PCPS Top Issues Diagnostic Report found that firms of virtually every size list the increasing complexity of laws and regulations as a top issue on the minds of the C-suite, not just accounting and HR teams. From Sarbanes-Oxley to the Affordable Care Act, the complicated regulatory landscape can make it difficult for organizations to get federal and state employment taxes filed and paid in a timely and accurate manner.

One of the new fronts in employment tax productivity is the real-time data exchange capabilities available to employment tax departments and the state agencies with which they need to communicate. Electronic data exchange helps substantially reduce or even virtually eliminate mailings and paperwork processing, which can help reduce lag time between parties and ensure the timely filing and payment of state employment tax returns, reconciliations and other documents. The Illinois Department of Revenue is the first state agency to begin development of this new service available from ADP.

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