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Hearing Preparation – Seeing Success


When an unemployment hearing notice is received, it is important that witnesses be prepared to testify and are aware of the points that they may need to establish. Imagine this scenario:

The Preparation
You receive an unemployment hearing notice a month before the hearing date. Other work draws your attention however and you lose track of the hearing. Weeks pass and you run across the hearing notice again. You now rush to provide supporting documents to your hearing representative. Unfortunately, your preparation window has shrunk and you do not have time to review the case material with your representative.

The issue to be addressed at the hearing is the claimant’s termination for allegedly falsifying his time records. On the day of the hearing, you meet your representative and review the documents you provided. Minutes before the hearing, you discover that in your haste to send these documents, you left out a key piece of supporting documentation; the records showing that the claimant falsified his time records. The hearing begins.

The Hearing
In this instance, it is too late for the claimant’s time records to be admitted into evidence and the hearing proceeds. Although you will make every attempt to describe these documents in detail and establish their existence, it will not be as powerful as having the actual documents in the adjudicator’s hands.

The Final Word
As luck would have it, you receive a favorable ruling because the claimant failed to appear. However, had the claimant participated and simply denied falsifying his timecard, you would not have been able to prove otherwise and you likely would have been responsible for the associated charges to your unemployment account.

Making time to prepare is crucial and can be the difference between a favorable and unfavorable outcome. Take the time to prepare your evidence and discuss your case with your hearing representative and any additional witnesses; don’t let luck decide the outcome of your next hearing.

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