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Georgia Employers: Are You Prepared for Payroll Cards?

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No doubt you’ve already heard of payroll cards and their benefits for both companies and workers (if not, read our previous blog post for a refresher). But is your business prepared to offer your employees payroll cards as a method of wage payment? In accordance with an amendment signed into law on May 5, 2015, payroll cards are one of four permissible payment methods in the State of Georgia. The law outlines specific requirements for implementing payroll cards, which means it’s time to get acquainted with the law surrounding this payment option.

Ready to implement a payroll card program in Georgia? First, employers must provide clear and timely communication, including a written explanation of any fees associated with the payroll card. Employers need to inform workers of this new method of payment and its associated costs before it becomes available to them. The law requires at least a 30-day notice prior to the availability of the payroll card program for all existing employees. This notice must also outline any costs and fees associated with the payroll card, and at this time employers must make available a written form that allows employees to instead request payment in another approved format. Employers must inform any new hires of the payroll card system and provide the opt-out form at the time of hiring. [1]

Cash, check, and direct deposit remain available as alternative payment options. For ongoing compliance with the payroll card system, employers must make an opt out form generally available to employees to enable them to elect a new method of payment at any time moving forward.

Following these steps will help ensure that your business is prepared to take advantage of the many benefits of payroll cards in Georgia.

To learn more about payroll cards, visit ADP’s Wage Payments page. The site has helpful information on electronic pay solutions and how it could benefit your business.
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[1]  Title 34. Labor and Industrial Relations Chapter 7. Master and Servant Article 1. General Provisions. O.C.G.A. § 34-7-2 (2015)


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