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Empowerment Zone Tax Credit Extended Under PATH Act

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With the passage of the PATH Act in December, the Empowerment Zone Tax Credit was extended through December 31, 2016, providing tax credits for businesses and employers that hire employees who reside in designated empowerment zones.1

The tax credit is 20 percent of the employer’s qualified wages (up to $15,000, or a maximum credit of $3,000 per eligible employee) paid or incurred during the calendar year 2015 on behalf of qualified empowerment zone employees.2 Employers can retroactively claim the credit on their federal income tax returns for 2015, as well as the three previous tax years.

A complete listing of designated empowerment zones (both urban and rural areas) is also included in the Instructions for Form 8844, the form used by businesses to claim the credit.3

The Empowerment Zone was first introduced in 1993 along with the Enterprise Community and Renewal Community Initiatives. All are geared towards reducing unemployment and stimulating economic growth by offering federal tax incentives and awarding grants to designated distressed communities.4

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