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Child Support Invades Cyberspace

I was at APA Congress all last week and it was quite a show!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to lead a session called “Child Support Invades Cyberspace.” With many states sending orders electronically (called electronic income withholding orders, or e-IWOs) and mandating that garnishment payments be made electronically, employers often have a lot of questions about how to handle this new evolution in wage withholding.

For example, did you know that employer acknowledgements of orders can be submitted not only with a “system-to-system” implementation but also via PDF or XLS?

Or that you can even “mix and match” how the acknowledgements are sent?

As part of this session, I was able to share how ADP has been an active participant since the creation of the e-IWO workgroup. Our clients can benefit from the increased security that comes with our system, faster turnaround, increased accuracy, and faster payment disbursement. They also often experience a reduction in the volume of calls inquiring about the status of a case or payment.

It was an exceptionally engaging session, and I was so glad to be part of it. If you have questions about wage garnishments, we’re happy to help – just drop us a line here.

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