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The Compliance Continuum [Infographic]

From payroll and taxes to healthcare and benefits, the impact of compliance on businesses is enterprise-wide. Not surprisingly, many companies shy away from compliance management because they feel it can be too complex, too costly and ultimately drains valuable resources. Indeed, a new survey released by ADP, in collaboration with CFO Research, reveals that more…Read More »

10.15.13 |

At the “Big D” — and We Don’t (Just) Mean Dallas

Actually, we are indeed in Dallas but the “Big D” this week is Deltek Insight. We’ve been talking to users of the Deltek Costpoint® platform and other Deltek solutions about some of the challenges they face in maintaining employment-related tax and payment compliance. One thing we’re hearing from nearly everyone here is how an ever-changing…Read More »

Time to Cash In! It’s National Payroll Week

According to data from the American Payroll Association, adoption of pay cards is on the rise1, 2. In conjunction with the kick-off to National Payroll Week (Sept. 2 – 6), this data serves as a reminder that it may be beneficial to reevaluate the efficiency of your company’s payroll options and take a hard look…Read More »

It’s About More than Just Getting Paid…

Paperless payroll is a growing trend, and employers everywhere are realizing the benefits of an electronic payment method that puts wages into employees’ hands in a way that is often more secure, efficient and cost-effective than printing paper checks. But it’s not just about employers; there are very real benefits to employees too. Paper checks…Read More »

Happy Blogday, ADP Compliance Insights!

The contributors and editorial staff of ADP Compliance Insights ask you to join us in wishing this blog a happy birthday. One year ago, we embarked on a mission to bring together the insights of numerous ADP experts in the fields of employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, employment verification, W2 management, wage garnishments and…Read More »


Compliance Conundrum: Lack of Business Intelligence Hinders Efficiency, Limits Growth [Infographic]

The final installment in our series on the compliance conundrum – the employment-related tax and payment compliance challenges that CFOs, human resources and finance executives operating in today’s business landscape face – explores a third compliance-related challenge: how the lack of actionable data and business intelligence may hinder efficiency and limit business growth. The past…Read More »


Compliance Conundrum: Multiple Disparate Systems Can Create Unnecessary Risk [Infographic]

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring the compliance conundrum – the employment-related compliance challenges facing CFOs, human resources and finance executives operating in today’s business landscape. This week we’ll examine another top challenge: how the use of multiple systems and processes to manage employment-related tax and payment compliance may expose companies to unnecessary…Read More »


Compliance Conundrum: Complexity Increasing, Budgets Not Keeping Pace [Infographic]

Last week, we introduced the first in a series of posts about the compliance conundrum – the compliance-related challenges that CFOs, human resources and finance executives operating in today’s business landscape face. Today, we’ll take a closer look at an issue cited as a top challenge: the tension between increasing complexity and shrinking budgets. According…Read More »


Compliance Conundrum: Three Strategies for Meeting Today’s Compliance Challenges Head-On [Infographic]

The employment-related tax, HR and payroll compliance landscape is becoming increasingly complex. In 2012 alone, there were 17,000 proposed tax rule changes across 10,000 unique tax jurisdictions*. With this volume of change, finance executives are challenged to find sufficient resources and expertise to fuel effective compliance processes – particularly since rising regulatory demands coincide with…Read More »

Three Reasons Electronic Payroll Should Be on the Table

By 2015, it is estimated that checks will make up less than 1% of total disbursements with a shift to direct deposit and pay cards1. Additionally, the changing legislative landscape is enabling businesses to find new, innovative ways to handle payroll. If you are not already leveraging electronic payment options, here are three reasons you…Read More »


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