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09.08.15 |

Payroll Card Programs Receive the Green Light in Rhode Island

In the State of Rhode Island, payroll cards are now considered a permissible means of wage payment. The new law, which was passed on July 15, 2015, establishes a range of protective measures to safeguard employees who use this method of wage payment. With this new law, employers have more clarity on what’s required from…Read More »

Human Resources

Paycards 4 of 4: Common Paycard Compliance Issues for Employers

As paycards become a more common wage payments tool, many companies are starting to consider this option as part of a comprehensive electronic payment solution to help drive efficiencies and cost savings. Paycard regulations vary by state. However, there are four common compliance issues to be aware of when offering your employees the option to…Read More »

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Paycards 3 of 4: Navigating Multi-State Paycard Compliance

Paycard compliance is a challenge no matter where your business resides, but it becomes even more complicated if your organization operates across state lines. Multi-state employers must be aware of the varying state-by-state regulations in order to synchronize their payroll operations and avoid compliance penalties. The key to remaining compliant across state borders is an…Read More »

Money Transfer
08.18.15 |

Paycards 2 of 4: Regulation E

In addition to keeping up with paycard regulations in the states in which your business operates, it’s also necessary to know the rules that were established to help protect consumers nationwide. Regulation E was issued by the Federal Reserve to set procedures for electronic funds transfers (EFTs), customer liability rules for unauthorized card usage and…Read More »

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Paycards 1 of 4: The State of Paycard Legislation

Regulation is always a top-of-mind issue for HR executives, and those in charge of business paycard programs are aware that the rules governing those programs are under debate across the nation. Currently, employers have legal approval to stop issuing paper paychecks in at least twenty states if they offer employees the choice of direct deposit…Read More »

06.29.15 |

Decline of the Paper Check and Rise of Electronic Payment Options

In recent years, we have seen an influx of new ways for consumers and businesses to pay for expenses. As electronic payment trends continue to gain traction, one of the old payments staples – the paper check – is quickly diminishing, but not as fast as many would like. A recent article from the Washington…Read More »

Tips 2
06.22.15 |

Why Paying Tips Electronically Can Benefit Employers

Based on a recent focus group survey facilitated by ADP with several major restaurant chains, 88 percent of the participating restaurant employers said they rely on cash to pay tipped employees on a daily basis. This has been an industry standard for decades despite the fact that the current process is fraught with challenges for…Read More »

06.18.15 |

Employers: Paying Tips with an Electronic Payment Solution

Based on a recent focus group survey facilitated by ADP with several major restaurant chains participating, 88 percent of restaurant employees receive tips in cash at the end of their shifts. In addition, support staff employees, such as bartenders and hosts, often receive tips from servers in cash through a standard percentage share or based…Read More »


The Old Bean Counters Don’t Cut It Anymore

When you think of the stereotypical accountant, you may picture a scene out of “Office Space,” where employees punch away at keyboards in grim cubicles and fill their balance sheets. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article[1], employers are saying “I’m gonna need you to go ahead and… do a lot more than that.”…Read More »

05.21.15 |

APIs: The Secret Behind Fluid Paycard Programs

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to cut down on costs throughout the organization.  Today, many companies are learning that you don’t always have to cut back to reduce costs – in fact, sometimes you simply need to add one more piece to the puzzle to help everything fall into place. Paycards are an example…Read More »


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