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Paying Millennials
05.11.16 |

Paying Millennials: The Trend Toward Digital

It should come as no surprise that Millennials, renowned for being digital natives, are transforming the way companies work. In particular, paying Millennials is undergoing a transformation as they ask more and more to be paid digitally. Mobile apps such as Apple Pay make it easier for people to leave their wallets and credit cards…Read More »

pros and cons in letterpress type
03.28.16 |

Paper Check Versus Paycard: Weighing the Pros and Cons

When it comes to paying employees by paper check versus paycard, paycards can lower costs both for organizations and employees who lack bank accounts (i.e., who are “unbanked”). It also may allow employees to receive faster payments. Companies generally pay wages in three ways: paper checks, direct deposit or paycards. For employees without a traditional banking relationship, direct deposit…Read More »

Pocket knife

Electronic Pay Options: Cost Savings, Speed and Other Benefits

“Go paperless!” “Go green!” It’s a mantra for the sustainability movement, but also a good argument for electronic pay options. What’s behind this seemingly sudden wave of corporate beneficence? Cost-cutting? Back office staff reductions? Response to lawsuits by environmental special interest groups? Compliance? Environmental imperatives notwithstanding, ePay for payroll offers ample benefits for HR. The decision is…Read More »

Mobile payment

Going Mobile with Wage Payments Can Be Beneficial to Your Employees

If you had to venture a guess, how much time do you estimate the average American spends on their smartphone a day? Drum roll, please… The answer, according to Salesforce’s 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, is 3.3 hours a day.1 It hardly comes as a surprise, then, to learn that 85 percent of Americans believe mobile…Read More »

Georgia jobs and employment opportunities concept
12.10.15 |

Georgia Employers: Are You Prepared for Payroll Cards?

No doubt you’ve already heard of payroll cards and their benefits for both companies and workers (if not, read our previous blog post for a refresher). But is your business prepared to offer your employees payroll cards as a method of wage payment? In accordance with an amendment signed into law on May 5, 2015,…Read More »

Wrecking Ball
10.01.15 |

Using Paycards To Break Down Payroll Barriers

With the advent of direct deposit, dispersing and managing wages has become faster and easier for employers and employees alike. By reducing the amount of paper checks issued and switching to electronic solutions, companies have been able to help reduce costs and save on the time needed to track outstanding checks or manage escheatment rules….Read More »

Tim Henderson Article

Are You Meeting Your Employees’ Needs When It Comes to Payroll?

As an employer, driving innovation in the workplace is always top of mind. Payroll is one area where employers have the opportunity to transform outdated systems and streamline the process so it’s more user-friendly and convenient for staff. As the workplace continues to evolve (we’re now seeing Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers working…Read More »

Light bulb
09.23.15 |

Paycards Receive High Marks In User Survey

Americans may not agree on much, but among those who receive their wages via paycard, most concur that it has been a positive experience.  According to a recent Visa survey*, 86 percent of paycard holders say that they prefer to be paid with a paycard rather than a paper check. One of the biggest advantages…Read More »

Trophy on white background
09.16.15 |

Paycards vs. Checks: Paycards Gaining Ground

The massive data breach at Target at the end of 2013 or the more recent one at Home Depot may have companies questioning the value of electronic platforms. Why risk exposing consumers and your employees to hackers and cyber-crooks who are on the lookout for coveted financial information? At the same time, it’s becoming clear…Read More »

Time Clock and Time Card

How Companies Are Preparing for New Overtime Regulations

On June 30, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced proposed rules amending the regulations governing certain overtime exemptions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that will broaden the number and range of employees who qualify for overtime pay. While these regulations may still be months away before being finalized, most companies will…Read More »


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