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Compliance Conundrum: Three Strategies for Meeting Today’s Compliance Challenges Head-On [Infographic]

The employment-related tax, HR and payroll compliance landscape is becoming increasingly complex. In 2012 alone, there were 17,000 proposed tax rule changes across 10,000 unique tax jurisdictions*. With this volume of change, finance executives are challenged to find sufficient resources and expertise to fuel effective compliance processes – particularly since rising regulatory demands coincide with…Read More »

12.13.12 |

What’s Your Plan? Garnishment Contingency Planning

Garnishment orders are some of the most time-sensitive documents an employer receives. A delayed garnishment response may not only create hardship for the employee, but the employer as well. The consequences can be severe, so what do you do when a widespread event delays your response? In 2011/2012, FEMA declared 353 disasters and emergencies*, many…Read More »


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