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TCS Webinar
04.22.16 |

Webinar -Top Ways to Discover and Capture Tax Credits Today!

It is crucial for companies to develop the ability to identify and capture various tax credits available. This includes looking ahead for opportune tax credits in 2016 and looking back on the previous year for credits that may have been missed. Make it your resolution in 2016 to adopt new tools, advanced technology and data…Read More »

Year-End Flyer 150

Top Ten Tips for Year-End Success in 2015

Payroll, human resources, tax and accounting professionals, year-end is fast approaching. Can you hear the clock ticking? Will you be in compliance with the newest employment tax law changes? Do you know all the states that will have a FUTA credit reduction? Will the Form 941 totals you report to the IRS match the W-2…Read More »

ACA Blueprint 160

ACA – A Blueprint for Employers

Employers, take note. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is affecting every one of you – administratively, financially, and otherwise – more than you realize. In particular, it will influence how you design and make health care benefits available to your employees. You vitally need to understand the implications,  especially the financial risks involved. After all, failure to comply with the ACA could…Read More »

Tax Locator Page

Local Tax Code Locator

Local payroll taxes can take many forms and can have varying requirements. Most are withheld from the employee, but there are some taxes that are paid by employers. The Local Tax Locator assists in the identification of local codes, rates, resident and non-resident indicators, as well as other jurisdictional information. Select the state and then…Read More »

Garn Whitepaper 160
09.15.14 |

[White Paper] Garnishment: The Untold Story

Because of a lack of substantiated information about U.S. wage garnishment trends, the following study has been developed to provide insight into employee debt recovery through pay seizure. A better understanding of garnishment may help employers provide new opportunities and improved support in the area of debt management. For this analysis, the ADP Research Institute® used aggregated, anonymous…Read More »

The Bottom Line_report_image

The Bottom Line: Highlighting the Benefits of Investing into an Employment-Related Tax and Payment Compliance Strategy [Research Report]

In September 2013, CFO Research conducted a survey among senior finance and human resources executives at U.S. companies. Through the online questionnaire, we sought to understand the benefits—both tangible and intangible[break]— these executives attribute to effective employment- related tax and payment compliance. We were especially interested in how well-planned and well-executed compliance activities contribute to…Read More »

New Dawn

ePayables 2013: AP’s New Dawn [Research Report]

This independent research report seeks to present a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of accounts payable (AP) today [break] by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of more than 245 AP and finance professionals.  

Managing Tax, Employment and Payroll Compliance in a Changing E

Managing Tax, Employment and Payroll Compliance in a Changing Environment [Research Report]

Excerpts from a report by CFO Research with research conducted in collaboration with ADP [break] Click Here to View the Report


Electronic Invoicing Management [Research Report]

A Move to the Middle. As the electronic invoicing market becomes more saturated in large companies, the small and medium enterprise (SME) market, those with annual revenues under $250 million, continue to open up.[break] Over the past year, PayStream analysts witnessed an increase in electronic invoice eInvoice) adoption among SME’s, as well as an increase in…Read More »

Compliance Pays

Compliance Pays – No, Really [Article]

Article from [break]- Click Here to Download


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