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IRS Unveils the Dirty Dozen: Tax Scams Everyone Should Know About

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released its list of the top twelve tax scams for 2016.1 But beware: although these scams happen most frequently during tax season, they can transpire at any time of the year. Tax-related identity theft is the process of filing a tax return in order to claim a fraudulent refund…Read More »

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What the IRS Is Doing to Inform Employers of Missed Employment Tax Payments

In an effort to decrease the estimated $59 billion that’s missing in employment taxes from over the years and remind employers that they have not paid unemployment taxes, the IRS is implementing a series of new civil programs to reach out to delinquent taxpayers. The IRS is using three forms of notifications in this system…Read More »

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Meet MeF: the IRS’ New E-File System

Across the board, more corporations and partnerships are choosing to electronically file their tax returns instead of filling out paper returns. In 2015, the number of corporate and partnership tax returns that were filed electronically jumped to over 6 million, marking a 7.7 percent increase from the previous year.1 Clearly, organizations are recognizing the many…Read More »

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Federal Limits: What’s Changing in 2016

As an employer, are you aware of the federal limits that need to be followed for Social Security (also known as Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? Here’s what you need to know as your business looks ahead to 2016: The social security maximum taxable earnings will remain the same as…Read More »

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Considering Moving Payroll In-House? What Business Owners Should Know

According to the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the 2013 Small Business Taxation Survey found that 40 percent of small business owners outsource their payroll while 60 percent said they handle it in-house. Of those handling the process internally, nearly one in four report spending more than six hours per month on the task. [1]…Read More »


Nine States Could be Subject to a FUTA Credit Reduction in 2015 (See UPDATE)

UPDATE to FUTA CREDIT REDUCTION The end of the calendar year is approaching quickly and businesses need to be mindful of the various deadlines that can affect them, including the November 10 deadline for states that have outstanding Federal Unemployment Trust Fund loans that are being used to help states pay for unemployment benefits. These…Read More »

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Take the Leap: How Does a 366-Day Year Affect Payroll?

Is it possible to have two leap years back to back? For HR and payroll professionals, the answer is yes with two anomalous payroll years in a row. With 27 pay periods in 2015 and 366 days in 2016, employers should review their payroll and employment tax practices, and communicate with employees about any potential…Read More »

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IRS Changes Tax Filing Guidelines to Help Curb Identity Theft

In March, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen called upon the IRS, state revenue agencies and leaders in the payroll tax industry to come together and discuss tax refund fraud at a security summit in Washington, D.C. In a report published after that meeting, participating groups recognized that identity theft is putting tremendous pressure on the tax…Read More »

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[Infographic] What Employers Need to Know About Federal Limits in 2016

It may read October on the calendar, but it’s never too early for employers to start thinking about 2016 and understand upcoming changes that may impact their business. This infographic on federal limits outlines important information for employers regarding Medicare taxable earnings, the tax rate for Social Security and tax credit provisions. View the PDF version…Read More »

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[Infographic] Changes to the Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) for 2015: What Employers Need to Know

As employers prepare for tax filing season, the IRS released the 2015 Form 940, which is an employer’s annual Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA ) Return. The 2015 version of the FUTA tax return (IRS form 940 and Schedule A) should not differ significantly from last year’s version, but employers (particularly multistate employers) should note that additional…Read More »


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