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Improving Accounts Payable Performance: KPIs That Count

An old saying goes “What gets measured, gets done!” In the world of accounts payable, “measurement” is critical to helping to improve performance and increase operational efficiencies. So, what are some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that AP departments should track and monitor in order to help improve performance of their operations? Percentage of…Read More »

Aiming Higher with Procure-to-Pay Solutions

View the following infographic to see how electronic invoicing and electronic payments can help your business; then learn more about ADP’s Procure-to-Pay solution and find out how we recently enhanced the electronic invoicing capabilities of our platform. Click to open PDF                                …Read More »

New Dawn

Ardent Partners Heralds Accounts Payables’ “New Dawn”

Ardent Partners recently published a report* based on responses from 245 participants in accounts payable (AP) and finance roles predicting 2013 as the year of AP’s New Dawn. What does this mean? Fundamentally, the research firm is finding that what separates best-in-class AP organizations that play a strategic role in a company’s financial operations from…Read More »

Happy Blogday, ADP Compliance Insights!

The contributors and editorial staff of ADP Compliance Insights ask you to join us in wishing this blog a happy birthday. One year ago, we embarked on a mission to bring together the insights of numerous ADP experts in the fields of employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, employment verification, W2 management, wage garnishments and…Read More »

Five Steps to Increasing eInvoicing Supplier Adoption

Today, almost half of business-to-business invoices within the U.S. are traded electronically, growing at 13% each year*. Why the shift from paper to electronic invoicing? Quicker invoice approval Increased employee productivity Improved visibility over liabilities  Lower processing costs Reduction in late payment penalties and interest Better Compliance A recent 2012 PayStream survey* indicated that almost…Read More »


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