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05.16.14 |

Where Will Payables Automation Lead Us?

We always look for alignment of leadership, with a core question being “Is there a synergy and common vision between purchasing and payables?” Increasingly, we see “purchase-to-pay” as part of today’s dialog, but not always in organizational structure.

04.18.14 |

The Drive Toward Straight-Through Processing

The following is a guest post from Jimmy LeFever, Research Manager at Paystream. In an effort to help optimize invoice management, more companies are moving to touchless or straight-through processing (STP).  This requires moving from a paper-based system to a fully digitized and automated system, which could result in time and money savings in the…Read More »


Electronic Invoicing: What’s Holding it Back?

Electronic invoicing has been around for a number of years, but its adoption has been slow. Even as organizations that have adopted electronic invoicing often tout its benefits – which may include lower costs, improved visibility, increased efficiencies and an ability to focus resources more on value added tasks – more than half of the…Read More »


Compliance Continuum: Optimized [Infographic]

On one end of the “Compliance Continuum” are companies that become so overwhelmed with managing employment-related tax and payment compliance that they choose to avoid it altogether. Companies in the middle of the continuum do just enough to get by and avoid penalties and fines. When companies choose to meet employment-related tax and payment compliance head…Read More »


Compliance Continuum: Organized [Infographic]

Many businesses recognize that compliance with state and federal laws is a must. Rather than avoiding the issue, companies at this point on the “Compliance Continuum”  have taken some steps to get organized and deal with employment-related tax and payment compliance, but have done just enough to keep their heads above water. A new survey…Read More »

Use of Paper Invoices Continuing to Drop, Says Recent Report from PayStream

Electronic invoicing was expected to make paper invoices a thing of the past. Unfortunately, paper is still the prevalent method when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) invoices. According to a recent report from PayStream Advisors, Electronic Invoice Management: A Move to the Middle, more than half of B2B invoices (52 percent) are still submitted in…Read More »


Compliance Continuum: Paralyzed [Infographic]

The regulatory landscape is complex and always changing, often leaving companies in a perpetual game of catch-up. With so many moving pieces, it’s no surprise that some businesses become overwhelmed and choose to avoid compliance management altogether. Companies on this end of the “Compliance Continuum” may think: Why tackle a problem that can’t be fixed? In…Read More »


The Compliance Continuum [Infographic]

From payroll and taxes to healthcare and benefits, the impact of compliance on businesses is enterprise-wide. Not surprisingly, many companies shy away from compliance management because they feel it can be too complex, too costly and ultimately drains valuable resources. Indeed, a new survey released by ADP, in collaboration with CFO Research, reveals that more…Read More »

Supplier Payments: Electronic Methods Are Slowly but Steadily Gaining Ground

Many consumers are rapidly making the switch from check payments to electronic payments. An Aite Group report estimates that just about one-third of all consumer-to-business payments are made through the mail, with this number expected to decline even further over the next few years1. On the business-to-business (B2B) side, however, check payments still dominate. According…Read More »

Electronic Invoicing: What’s in It for the Supplier?

As companies are jumping on the electronic invoicing bandwagon and rolling out automation solutions, a number of them tend to forget a key stakeholder – the supplier. While it is clear to most buying organizations that electronic invoicing helps deliver lower costs and increased processing efficiencies, none of these benefits will actually be realized unless…Read More »


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