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10.03.14 |

The Future is Mobile, Even for Accounts Payable Operations

Today, the number of networked devices in use equals the global population. Within just a year, the number of devices is expected to be twice the global population. Every minute, 1,300 new mobile users are being added and 204 million emails are sent and growing exponentially1. There is no doubt, the future is going mobile….Read More »

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Multiple Methods for Invoice Submission: Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All Suppliers

Choice! Over the years we have become so used to having multiple options to choose from when we buy something. There was a time when ice cream meant vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. But now with the advent of specialty ice cream parlors,  the options are virtually unlimited. You want a chocolate amaretto and blue cotton…Read More »

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Usage of Paper Checks for B2B Payments is Declining

What percentage of U.S. businesses would say no to cost savings, improved cash forecasting, tighter fraud controls and more efficient reconciliation? At face value, the question seems absurd, but in essence, half the B2B transactions made in the U.S. are potentially causing companies to miss out on some of these benefits, according to the 2013…Read More »

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09.11.14 |

5 Steps to Increasing eInvoicing Supplier Adoption

Today, almost half of business-to-business invoices within the U.S. are traded electronically, with paper invoices continuing to decline from 59 percent in 2012 to 52 percent in 2013, as electronic invoicing gains more traction, according to a 2013 PayStream Advisors report1. So what is driving the shift from paper to electronic invoicing? Electronic invoicing has…Read More »

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If Email Can Help Revolutionize Communications, Why Not Electronic Invoicing

Can you imagine effectively running your business using snail mail as your only means of communication? Just the thought makes most of us shudder! Need to schedule a meeting? Take a piece of paper, write separate notes to each person you want to invite, put them in envelopes with postage, address them and put them…Read More »

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Increasing Capture of Early Payment Discounts: Electronic Invoicing Can Make a Difference

No one likes leaving money on the table; it hurts even the largest of firms. But that is what many organizations are doing when they miss the opportunity to capture discounts offered by their suppliers for early payments. In today’s economy when interest rates are extremely low, taking an early payment discount like 2%10 net 30,…Read More »

Paper Target Featured Image

A Paper Target: Electronic Payment Methods

A Paper Target: How using electronic payment methods may help reduce the risk of fraud for businesses.  According to the 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey by JP Morgan Chase, companies using paper checks are likely at a higher risk of becoming targets for fraud. Even as risk mitigation and controls remain a top initiative for all…Read More »

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The Truth about Purchasing Cards: The Good,
the Bad and the Ugly

Purchasing cards (p-cards) are a tool commonly used in business for purchasing low cost, one off or high volume items. Many organizations have utilized and continue to utilize p-cards as a means to quickly buy things they need without having to go through the hassle of the traditional PO process (i.e. requisitions, invoice approval, approve,…Read More »

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The Compliance Conundrum: Are You Reactive or Proactive About Your Invoice Management Processes?

Compliance has become a big concern for many organizations over the last few years, even within the accounts payable world. But the question is whether companies are taking a proactive approach to compliance or a more reactive stance, just dealing with regulatory and legislative requirements on an as needed basis. In January 2013, ADP and…Read More »

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06.05.14 |

Invoice Automation on the Rise in Small and Medium Enterprises

The following is a guest post from Jimmy LeFever, Research Manager at Paystream PayStream’s new report titled Electronic Invoice Management: A Move to the Middle reveals that the adoption of electronic invoicing and workflow automation solutions are on the rise in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). New and improved innovations in eInvoice functionality including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), free…Read More »


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