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Responsive Mobile Design is Gaining Popularity

Today’s consumers are taking advantage of the mobile tech boom to perform many of their everyday activities. And with the growing popularity of corporate IT policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)[1], there’s no doubt that the future of business is mobile. The business-to-business (B2B) world has generally been slow to adopt mobile operations, but…Read More »

05.22.15 |

P2P Trends 5 of 5: Keep the Contract Simple

This final blog post based on PayStream Advisors’ recent webinar, “Top P2P Trends for 2015,” focuses on contract negotiation. The previous posts in this five-part series shared insights on features and functionality, buyer-supplier collaboration and pricing for the P2P process. The last trend of contract negotiation between the buyer organization and the solution provider can…Read More »

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05.12.15 |

P2P Trends 4 of 5: “Simple, Transaction-Based Pricing” Sells

While we are on the topic of the PayStream Advisors webinar “Top P2P Trends for 2015,” the fourth trend PayStream talked about was the pricing model that is becoming popular – transaction-based pricing. The days when organizations used to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront license fees to implement an automation solution with…Read More »

05.05.15 |

P2P Trends 3 of 5: “Buyer-Supplier Collaboration” is a Key to Success of eInvoicing

PayStream Advisors’ webinar on the “Top P2P Trends for 2015” touched on collaboration between buyers and suppliers as being critical to the success of an electronic invoicing initiative. Let’s take a look at some of the things that help drive the ROI on a payables automation project for a buyer organization: Reduction or elimination of…Read More »

04.29.15 |

P2P Trends 2 of 5: Leveraging Workflow Rules to Help Reduce “Approver Fatigue”

Another trend highlighted in the recent PayStream Advisors’ webinar on the “Top P2P Trends for 2015” was “eliminating approver fatigue.” Not all invoices are created equal, so it generally does not make sense to give the same time and attention to every invoice. But in the world of paper invoice and manual processes, organizations often…Read More »

04.22.15 |

P2P Trends Series 1 of 5: Mobile is No Longer a “Nice to Have”

PayStream Advisors recently did a webinar on the “Top P2P Trends for 2015,” and one of the trends identified was the increase in P2P solutions offering mobile capabilities.  Given today’s environment, this makes sense. According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Tracking Survey Project, conducted April 17 – May 19, 2013, cell phone…Read More »


Payables Automation Can Help You Weather the Storm of an Economic Downturn

In an economic downturn, it’s natural for companies to evaluate cost-cutting opportunities. Given the recent downturn in the oil and gas industry, with a significant drop in the price of crude oil1, it is not surprising that upstream oil and gas companies are scrutinizing internal business processes to identify areas where they can better manage…Read More »

04.06.15 |

[Infographic] Out With the Old, In With the New: Electronic Processes Growing in Popularity

The Rise of Electronic Payment Processing Electronic payment processing has grown exponentially since direct deposit was adopted in the late 20th century. Today, a variety of goods can be purchased by using mobile devices. It’s possible to live your life without seeing another dollar bill or coin ever again depending on where you shop. For…Read More »


Dynamic Payables Discounting: How is it Different from Traditional Discounts?

Everyone likes a discount.  According to a 2014 Protiviti study1, working capital management is one of the top five priorities for CFOs and financial professionals.  One way a business can improve its capital management is by capturing early payment discounts. While organizations may have successfully negotiated early payment discounts (like 2% 10 net 30), they…Read More »


Metrics to Help Evaluate Discount Capture Performance

We have all heard a number of sayings like “what gets measured gets done” and “a dollar saved is a dollar earned.” When it comes to  measuring the early payment discount capture performance of an organization, these sayings are very valid. We have already published an article on the different KPIs that you can use…Read More »


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