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04.28.16 |

Compliance Budgets: How Big Data Can Help Set Priorities

With some compliance budgets set to see an uptick, big data systems may be a high-payoff investment. But whether big data is having a big impact depends on whom you ask. Engineers and software developers are eager adherents. They point to real-time data from jet engines and smart metering systems for the power grid. That…Read More »

04.27.16 |

Cost-Efficient Growth: Cutting Expenses While Boosting Revenue

Cost-efficient growth has become a Holy Grail within many businesses: a goal ardently pursued, yet infrequently achieved. Indeed, 90 percent of respondents to a recent CFO Signals survey by Deloitte said a top priority was increasing revenue or market share in their current markets, and almost 75 percent placed reducing direct or indirect costs at…Read More »

04.26.16 |

Severe Weather Policies for Business: Questions and Answers

Severe weather policies are important for businesses because they emphasize the safety needs of employees while also addressing business continuity concerns. Employees need to know if they should come into work or not, whether they can work from home if possible, if they’ll be paid when the business closes early and more. Severe weather policies…Read More »

04.20.16 |

The DOJ Compliance Counsel: 7 Things CFOs Need to Know

In late 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) hired Hui Chen as counsel for the DOJ Fraud Section. With the appointment of a new DOJ compliance counsel, the department has signaled its heightened focus on compliance. Here’s what CFOs need to know. 1. Chen is a compliance expert. Before accepting her latest role, Ms….Read More »

04.19.16 |

Shifting the Role of the CFO to Operational Intelligence

The role of the CFO is in flux. While his or her chief concern remains the financial health of the organization, gone are the days where the CFO works only with numbers. And while accounting is still a core competency for the CFO, the role has gradually broadened to include many more skills, including those…Read More »

At a Loss for Words
04.07.16 |

Are You in a Black Hole of 2016 Compliance Deadlines?

CFOs face ever-changing accounting and regulatory requirements, including a significant number of 2016 compliance deadlines. Finance departments in general are under constant pressure to produce more information under accelerated deadlines. The volume of available corporate data and users is increasing like never before. Common to all is the need to pull together data from many…Read More »

04.06.16 |

Nurturing Compliance Strategies: 7 Tips for Newly Appointed CFOs

You’ve landed that CFO spot at a high-growth, high-profile organization. You’ve fielded congratulations from family and close friends, and your LinkedIn email inbox is full. As you settle into that corner office, though, you have a few concerns. For a time, you might be out of your comfort zone, and you need to take that…Read More »


Latest ADP Midsized Business Owners Study Reveals Concerns about Employee Engagement on the Rise

ADP recently released its fourth annual Midsized Business Owners Study for 2015, which revealed some interesting shifts in business owners’ concerns since previous years.1 The study surveyed more than 700 business owners and senior executives at U.S. companies with 50 to 999 employees. While employers continue to rank the volume of government regulations, health care…Read More »


IRS Unveils the Dirty Dozen: Tax Scams Everyone Should Know About

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released its list of the top twelve tax scams for 2016.1 But beware: although these scams happen most frequently during tax season, they can transpire at any time of the year. Tax-related identity theft is the process of filing a tax return in order to claim a fraudulent refund…Read More »

3d illustration of colorful spherical puzzle icon

How HCM-related Compliance Practices Can Help Yield Business Results

At first glance, it’s not easy to recognize how HCM-related compliance practices can help yield business results. Business leaders sometimes assume that no news is good news on the employment-related compliance front — that avoiding large regulatory penalties and massive damage to corporate reputation is victory enough. Most senior finance executives rank compliance as a priority,…Read More »


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