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06.22.16 |

4 Big ACA Questions for CFOs

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought unprecedented complexity to the compliance efforts of U.S. companies. Among the many ACA questions for CFOs to consider is how to best adapt to the ongoing, multi-year implementation of the health care overhaul while simultaneously controlling costs and retaining talent. According to a 2015 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, only about…Read More »

06.01.16 |

Stay Ahead of Technology Innovation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

CFOs must stay ahead of technology innovation in order to help their organizations develop and sustain a competitive advantage. According to Harvard Business Review’s John Chambers, former executive chairman and former CEO of Cisco Systems, organizations are currently navigating several technology transitions, including cloud computing, mobility and the internet of things, which “force us and…Read More »

05.25.16 |

Reducing Compliance Costs through Improved Efficiency

Reducing compliance costs may be one of the most intractable areas of cost reduction for company executives. If a central CFO role is to function as Chief of Cost Cutting, the difficulties often extend beyond merely identifying areas to cut costs — it’s making them stick. It’s part of an overall movement that some analysts…Read More »

05.24.16 |

Integrating Virtual Work Into the Company Culture

While the various types of work have changed over time, the relationship between worker and management has generally remained the same: employees work side by side at a place of business. As a major departure from that standard, it’s understandable, then, why the thought of virtual work may cause some CFOs and their organizations some…Read More »

What the Analytical CFO Needs to Know About Being the Chief Analytics Officer
05.19.16 |

What the Analytical CFO Needs to Know About Being the Chief Analytics Officer

As analytics becomes a much larger trend, some companies are adding a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) to the C-Suite, notes Fast Company. The analytical CFO is beginning to take on that role in companies not ready to add a dedicated CAO. The question is: What do CFOs need to know to take on the role…Read More »

Paying Millennials
05.12.16 |

Using Big Data to Measure Compliance Programs’ Effectiveness

Leaders and directors are increasingly turning to big data to measure compliance programs and efforts — and improve them. After all, the work isn’t over once an organization has developed a solid compliance program. The program must then be measured to ensure its effectiveness. Governmental agencies around the globe are issuing ever greater numbers of…Read More »

Why CFOs Should Consider Big Data
05.10.16 |

Why CFOs Should Consider Big Data for HR and Compliance

The use of big data for HR and compliance functions is becoming critical to many organizations’ success. Consider a 2014 Accenture report, which states, “The HR organization holds a key business asset—a wealth of data about the workforce.” Given this, even chief financial officers who’ve had only a passing acquaintance with their colleagues in human…Read More »

05.05.16 |

So You’re Compliant, But Is It Costing You?

As the complexity of compliance tasks grows with the arrival of new regulations, automation for compliance tasks will be a huge trend for 2016. The ramped-up implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be the best example, showing how regulatory complexity imposes ever-more stress on your team. Automation tools are also getting better all…Read More »

05.04.16 |

How Humans Pair Up With Big Data for Human Capital Decision Making and Compliance

With “people expense” typically the largest cost of most companies, and recruiting and developing talent a top organizational priority perennially, little wonder why more CFOs are turning to big data for Human Capital Management (HCM) decision making in order to drive productivity, recruit and develop talent and gain an array of actionable, people-related insights. Big…Read More »


How Employment-related Compliance Practices Can Help Yield Business Results

At first glance, it’s not easy to recognize how employment-related compliance practices can help yield business results. Business leaders sometimes assume that no news is good news on the employment-related compliance front — that avoiding large regulatory penalties and massive damage to corporate reputation is victory enough. Most senior finance executives rank compliance as a…Read More »


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