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08.18.16 |

Reboot Financial Processes with the Cloud

According to PWC, financial processes have been undergoing a steady shift from traditional back-office “scorekeeping” to more strategic processes that help drive organizational performance. But despite the many years of focus, the evolution has been slow. The finance function seems to need some inspiration to rid itself of archaic processes and transform into a strategic…Read More »

07.27.16 |

Brexit Vote Triggers Global Uncertainty: What CFOs Should Know

On June 23, in a hotly contested national referendum, citizens of the United Kingdom voted 52 to 48 percent in favor of Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union, according to BBC News. The historic vote has already had an effect on global markets. CFOs and financial leaders now confront an international business landscape…Read More »

07.26.16 |

Training Your Financial Talent: CFOs and Human Resources Work Together

Expectations for CFOs and finance departments evolve as reporting requirements change. CFOs can work with human resources to train employees and ensure finance teams provide accurate, relevant financial information inside and outside their organizations. HR departments ensure there are enough employees available to do the work, they’re placed in the right jobs and that teams…Read More »

07.13.16 |

CFO and CHRO Collaboration: A Power Partnership

CFO and CHRO collaboration has become a growth-driving trend over the last decade. A recent survey from global consultants Ernst & Young (EY) found that 80 percent of the 550 CFOs and CHROs surveyed said that their relationship had become more collaborative over the past three years. The reasons are fairly obvious. Human capital is…Read More »

07.12.16 |

Should You Hire or Train?

When cultivating talent for your organization, should you hire or train? It seems like a question for HR, but CFOs have a stake in the decision, as well. Not only are there cost differences that CFOs should look at, but there are a number of other variables to consider. In other words, it’s not really…Read More »

07.05.16 |

The Value of Human Capital: Measuring Your Most Important Assets

Assessing the value of human capital (HC), the most important asset of any organization, has long been easier said than done. Because it is such an intangible asset, assigning a value on a balance sheet is a perennial challenge. There are no generally accepted standards for measuring the value of people, unlike the readily available…Read More »

06.30.16 |

Financial Transparency: How to Foster Employee Trust

Financial transparency means making financial information as visible and accessible. But full transparency is difficult because of the many disparate components, the nature of how financial information is gathered across an organization and the different users of that information (owners, boards, shareholders, investors and regulators). Some information simply must be shared for complete and compliant…Read More »

06.29.16 |

HR Data for Strategic Insights: The CFO and CHRO as Allies

HR data for strategic insights is altering the role of both CFOs and CHROs. Organizations that can work effectively across financial and HR functions in order to implement big data solutions are best positioned to capitalize on the evolving benefits of human capital management (HCM) and predictive analytics. Investments in HCM analytics can enable organizations…Read More »

virtual workforce
06.28.16 |

Build a Virtual Workforce to Attract Talent and Reduce Costs

A virtual workforce could be just what your organization needs to combat both the tightening labor market and the cost of office space in major city centers. As collaboration technology continues to evolve and improve, more and more types of work can be done off-site. That can be a win-win for organizations and the talent…Read More »

controlling costs
06.23.16 |

Controlling Costs: Some Non-Traditional Options

For CFOs, controlling costs is a core function. When cuts are required, CFOs often look to the “usual suspects,” such as renegotiating supplier/vendor relationships, eliminating positions that aren’t driving sufficient growth or exploring automation solutions. But what can CFOs do about controlling costs when those low-hanging fruit have already been plucked? Getting the Ball Rolling…Read More »


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