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Bring Your HCM-Related Compliance “A-Game”

For the past three years, ADP has collaborated with CFO Research to better understand how companies approach HCM-related complianceGame plan management.

Previous surveys have shown that HCM- related compliance is a top strategic priority for many businesses. This year’s survey explored how HCM-related compliance systems can help organizations “get better at getting work done.”[1]  Of the survey respondents, 62 percent said the time and attention placed on HCM-related compliance is a drain on company resources.[2] As many as 44 percent of respondents said their business still relies on multiple, disparate systems to access HCM- related compliance data.[3]

Managing multiple systems can take employees away from other business priorities. Along with an integrated approach, survey respondents said they would like their HCM compliance system to provide accurate and consistent reporting, key metrics and data and real-time information across multiple locations.

A cloud-based HCM solution can help business leaders more easily manage compliance and even give them a leg up against the competition. Investing in an integrated HCM system may help save time, money, resources and put your company in the “A” league. Read more about my analysis of the survey results on Corporate Compliance Insights.

Consider learning about how HCM platforms like ADP SmartCompliance® can help financial professionals drive strategic growth for their companies.

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