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Breaking Down the Affordable Care Act’s Impact on
Information Technology

ImpactAs the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to take shape, it’s important for companies to understand the various ways this law affects different business functions. Companies are responsible for complying with ACA requirements while still remaining flexible to incorporate possible changes to the law.

One of the biggest adjustments companies will likely have to make will be within their information technology department (IT). When it comes to continuing to implement the ACA as regulations are issued and possible tweaks to the law are made, IT’s role is especially crucial because this group will be responsible for coordinating with HR and benefits to gather and deliver data to respond to queries from multiple health insurance exchanges, as well as to file required information returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means companies need to assess the competency and quality of their IT departments and take steps now to understand all of the changes the ACA may require.  Moving forward, IT departments must be capable of bridging data across multiple silos, aggregating and producing quality data sets, and coordinating the transaction of data across record-keeping systems.

For more information on how corporate IT departments can successfully meet ACA compliance challenges, download our report, “ACA Compliance – Whose Job is it, Anyway?


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