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Tim Henderson
Tim Henderson is the Senior Director of Product Strategy for ADP’s Wage Payments product lines which includes the ALINE Card by ADP pay card solution. He has served in leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies including Citrix Systems and Intuit and has extensive experience in product management, strategy and corporate development. His professional experience has focused on cloud and mobile technology solutions for enterprise businesses and financial services. Tim holds an MBA from Pepperdine University as well as a BA degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Articles by Author: timhenderson:

Georgia jobs and employment opportunities concept
12.10.15 |

Georgia Employers: Are You Prepared for Payroll Cards?

No doubt you’ve already heard of payroll cards and their benefits for both companies and workers (if not, read our previous blog post for a refresher). But is your business prepared to offer your employees payroll cards as a method of wage payment? In accordance with an amendment signed into law on May 5, 2015,…Read More »

Anchor with rope and hope. Design elements. T-shirt print
09.08.15 |

Payroll Card Programs Receive the Green Light in Rhode Island

In the State of Rhode Island, payroll cards are now considered a permissible means of wage payment. The new law, which was passed on July 15, 2015, establishes a range of protective measures to safeguard employees who use this method of wage payment. With this new law, employers have more clarity on what’s required from…Read More »

Money Transfer
08.18.15 |

Paycards 2 of 4: Regulation E

In addition to keeping up with paycard regulations in the states in which your business operates, it’s also necessary to know the rules that were established to help protect consumers nationwide. Regulation E was issued by the Federal Reserve to set procedures for electronic funds transfers (EFTs), customer liability rules for unauthorized card usage and…Read More »

06.29.15 |

Decline of the Paper Check and Rise of Electronic Payment Options

In recent years, we have seen an influx of new ways for consumers and businesses to pay for expenses. As electronic payment trends continue to gain traction, one of the old payments staples – the paper check – is quickly diminishing, but not as fast as many would like. A recent article from the Washington…Read More »

05.21.15 |

APIs: The Secret Behind Fluid Paycard Programs

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to cut down on costs throughout the organization.  Today, many companies are learning that you don’t always have to cut back to reduce costs – in fact, sometimes you simply need to add one more piece to the puzzle to help everything fall into place. Paycards are an example…Read More »

05.14.15 |

The Evolution of Payments: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are and Where We’re Going

The way we make and receive payments has changed over the course of human history and continues to evolve. If you want to get a snapshot of that evolution, take a look at your own life history as an example. One of the first payment methods was in the form of bartering, a practice you’re…Read More »

05.11.15 |

What is the Difference Between General Purpose Reloadable Cards and Pay Cards?

In 2013, the Federal Reserve System issued a study1 confirming a trend that many of us have been noticing for years – payments are increasingly being processed electronically. For example, in 2012, the number of credit card transactions grew to 26.2 billion compared to 21 billion in 2009. At the same time, the number of…Read More »

Why Isn't Your Company Using Paycards?
05.01.15 |

Why Isn’t Your Company Using Paycards?

Recent trends have shown that more companies are adopting paycard programs and giving their employees a choice of receiving their net pay via a paycard as one alternative to paper paychecks. But new research shows that some companies still aren’t ready to give their employees the choice of replacing paper checks with paycards. According to…Read More »

04.06.15 |

[Infographic] Out With the Old, In With the New: Electronic Processes Growing in Popularity

The Rise of Electronic Payment Processing Electronic payment processing has grown exponentially since direct deposit was adopted in the late 20th century. Today, a variety of goods can be purchased by using mobile devices. It’s possible to live your life without seeing another dollar bill or coin ever again depending on where you shop. For…Read More »

01.05.15 |

Maximizing Benefits and Reducing Fees: How to Choose the Right Paycard

As more and more companies ditch paper payroll processes and switch to electronic methods, many are adopting paycards as another form of paying employees’ wages. But are there different paycard options companies can choose? Are some paycards more beneficial for employees than others? Overall, paycards can help substantially reduce or even virtually eliminate fees employees might…Read More »


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