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Richa Awasthi
Richa Awasthi is the of Director, Prepaid Payroll Product Management at Visa Inc. In her current role, she is responsible for strategy and management of Visa's Payroll card offering. She has over 14 years of experience in developing and managing products with leading financial services organizations including Franklin Templeton Investments, Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo bank. Prior to her current role with Visa, she was with Wells Fargo bank where she led product development and management of Small Business and Commercial products. She strives to provide great customer experience and innovate to fulfill unmet customer needs.

Articles by Author: Richa Awasthi:

Wrecking Ball
10.01.15 |

Using Paycards To Break Down Payroll Barriers

With the advent of direct deposit, dispersing and managing wages has become faster and easier for employers and employees alike. By reducing the amount of paper checks issued and switching to electronic solutions, companies have been able to help reduce costs and save on the time needed to track outstanding checks or manage escheatment rules….Read More »

Light bulb
09.23.15 |

Paycards Receive High Marks In User Survey

Americans may not agree on much, but among those who receive their wages via paycard, most concur that it has been a positive experience.  According to a recent Visa survey*, 86 percent of paycard holders say that they prefer to be paid with a paycard rather than a paper check. One of the biggest advantages…Read More »

Trophy on white background
09.16.15 |

Paycards vs. Checks: Paycards Gaining Ground

The massive data breach at Target at the end of 2013 or the more recent one at Home Depot may have companies questioning the value of electronic platforms. Why risk exposing consumers and your employees to hackers and cyber-crooks who are on the lookout for coveted financial information? At the same time, it’s becoming clear…Read More »


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