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Mark Underwood
Mark Underwood writes about knowledge engineering, Big Data security and privacy. He is co-chair of the NIST Big Data Working Group's Security and Privacy committee, and is working on Big Data standards with the ISO/IEC JTC 1 Study Group on Big Data. Other interests include digital forensics, information systems transparency, intranets and domain-driven software frameworks.Underwood reviews live music performances in the New York City greater metro area, and writes occasional reviews of poetry and literary fiction texts. Underwood is a certified software engineering quality engineer and plays electric violin. In 2013, Underwood founded Krypton Brothers LLC.

Articles by Author: Mark Underwood:

05.26.16 |

4 Tips for Maximizing Tax Credits While Raising CFO Stature

Tax reduction, such as through maximizing tax credits, can significantly improve a company’s bottom line. A strategically minded CFO, however, will look beyond tax breaks. Here are four tips to help you get the most benefits out of tax credits for which your business may be eligible: Determine if your organization qualifies for any research…Read More »

05.25.16 |

Reducing Compliance Costs through Improved Efficiency

Reducing compliance costs may be one of the most intractable areas of cost reduction for company executives. If a central CFO role is to function as Chief of Cost Cutting, the difficulties often extend beyond merely identifying areas to cut costs — it’s making them stick. It’s part of an overall movement that some analysts…Read More »

Wage Garnishment Legislation Powers Thrust Toward Payroll Automation
05.18.16 |

Wage Garnishment Legislation Powers Thrust Toward Payroll Automation

What’s behind recent activity in wage garnishment legislation? In some parts of the country, more than seven in every 100 U.S. employees had their wages garnished, according a 2014 study commissioned by Propublica. The study of 13 million employees was based on data from 2011, 2012 and 2013. New Ground Rules Let’s look at how…Read More »

04.28.16 |

Compliance Budgets: How Big Data Can Help Set Priorities

With some compliance budgets set to see an uptick, big data systems may be a high-payoff investment. But whether big data is having a big impact depends on whom you ask. Engineers and software developers are eager adherents. They point to real-time data from jet engines and smart metering systems for the power grid. That…Read More »

04.19.16 |

Shifting the Role of the CFO to Operational Intelligence

The role of the CFO is in flux. While his or her chief concern remains the financial health of the organization, gone are the days where the CFO works only with numbers. And while accounting is still a core competency for the CFO, the role has gradually broadened to include many more skills, including those…Read More »

04.06.16 |

Nurturing Compliance Strategies: 7 Tips for Newly Appointed CFOs

You’ve landed that CFO spot at a high-growth, high-profile organization. You’ve fielded congratulations from family and close friends, and your LinkedIn email inbox is full. As you settle into that corner office, though, you have a few concerns. For a time, you might be out of your comfort zone, and you need to take that…Read More »

3D Big data concept
02.12.16 |

Big Data and Business Growth: Volume, Velocity and Variety

  You’re a visionary. You see brilliant opportunities, but can already hear the naysayers: “Great idea, but will it be lucrative? ” The naysayers are too often correct. A new business segment that looks like a winner might not be profitable, cost effective or sustainable in the long term. Even when a company accesses the…Read More »


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