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Julie Farraj
Julie Farraj is the Vice President of Wage Garnishment Services. As a market leader, the ADP Wage Garnishment Services provides comprehensive and Money Movement services. Julie joined ADP in 1986 and has held various leadership roles with Client Services, Operations and Product Integration. Prior to this role, Julie was the Vice President, Verification Services. Through our partnership with The Work Number, ADP clients now have the ability to utilize an automated Employment and Income verification service. Julie also held the role of Vice President of Client Services for the Unemployment, Garnishment and Payment Services. Prior to this role, Julie was the Vice President of Tax Processing where she led the Tax Filing Operations division. Julie established the AVS Client Advisory Board in 2010 and is also a seven time recipient of the ADP Presidents Awards for exceptional Service and Operations performance. Julie has also been a member of Diversity Council for the last seven years. Julie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of La Verne.

Articles by Author: Julie Farraj:

Streamline 160
08.24.15 |

Help Streamline the Wage Garnishment Process with Automation

Handling wage garnishment orders can be challenging for companies to do on their own as requirements vary by state, jurisdiction and the particular court ordering the garnishment. Differences in maximum withholding limits, calculations, lien priorities and response requirements can add yet another layer of complexity to the process. Oftentimes, there’s also risk involved in handling…Read More »

Garn in NY
03.23.15 |

[Infographic] Garnishment Trends in New York

An average of 5.5 percent of employees in New York have their wages garnished, compared to the national average of 7.2 percent, according to the results of the ADP Research Institute’s September 2014 study, Garnishment – The Untold Story. The below infographic outlines additional findings from the study and provides an overview of wage garnishments…Read More »

01.08.15 |

Understanding the New Law on Electronic
Income Withholding Orders

As a business owner, did you ever think a piece of legislation related to child care could impact your company? In September 2014, President Obama signed a law to identify, document and determine appropriate services for children under the care, placement or supervision of state agencies who may be at risk or are the victim…Read More »

What is a wage garnishmetn
11.10.14 |

Study Reveal Trends in Garnishment Rates by Age, Gender and Compensation

A lack of data about current trends in U.S. wage garnishments led the ADP Research Institute® to analyze aggregate, anonymous payroll data from 2013 comprised of 13 million employees age 16 and older.  The study found the highest garnishment rates among those in their middle ages and earning mid-range salaries. The study also found that…Read More »

Garnishment by region
10.31.14 |

Garnishment Rates Vary Widely By Geography, Industry

Earlier this week, the ADP Research Institute® revealed findings from a first-of-its-kind study on current trends in U.S. wage garnishments, or debt recovery through pay seizures.  The study found that garnishment rates vary widely among industries and geography, with the highest rates found in the manufacturing sector and the Midwest.  In addition, garnishment rates are…Read More »

Wage Garnishment 7.2 160
10.15.14 |

Top Reasons for Wage Garnishment

Understanding the root cause of a problem is often the first step toward solving it – and mitigating its impact.  Wage garnishments – or debt recovery through pay seizures – are no different.  By examining the primary reasons U.S. employees have their wages garnished, employers and employees alike can start taking steps to avoid garnishments…Read More »

Garnishments- the untold story 160
09.15.14 |

[Infographic] Garnishment: The Untold Story

Around the same time Charlie Chaplin made his film debut in a silent movie coincidentally titled “Making a Living” in 1914, many U.S. states established a process that allowed creditors to recover debts through employee pay seizures.  Chaplin went on to become one of the most celebrated figures in the history of American cinema while…Read More »

Garn Whitepaper 160
09.15.14 |

[White Paper] Garnishment: The Untold Story

Because of a lack of substantiated information about U.S. wage garnishment trends, the following study has been developed to provide insight into employee debt recovery through pay seizure. A better understanding of garnishment may help employers provide new opportunities and improved support in the area of debt management. For this analysis, the ADP Research Institute® used aggregated, anonymous…Read More »


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