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Jeanne Madden
Jeanne Madden, Vice President Operations, ADP Tax Credit Services. Jeanne is responsible for managing ADP’s Tax Credits WOTC operations including tax credit screening and processing, implementation and continuous process improvement. Jeanne is a CPA and CGMA with over 25 years of finance and operations knowledge and leadership experience including almost 10 years of experience in the tax credits industry. She provides a wealth of expertise in financial reporting, accounting, auditing, treasury and operations. Jeanne began her career in the Big 4 public accounting environment (5 years) and has served in various roles including CFO, shared services manager, and global financial reporting manager. She earned a bachelor of science in accounting from Old Dominion University.

Articles by Author: Jeanne Madden:

Security 1 160
02.24.15 |

Why Choosing Vendors Who Have Completed SOC 2 Audits Means More Today

As more business operations take place online and vast amounts of sensitive data are transmitted electronically every day, cybersecurity has become a key consideration for businesses. Digital security breaches are becoming more prevalent, costly and harmful to those affected, so it may be necessary for businesses to take additional measures to help ensure the security…Read More »

04.15.14 |

WOTC Screening Checklist

We hope you found our series of blog posts on how to help optimize your organization’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening process valuable. Building a best-in-class WOTC program can result in significant benefits for your company. Now that you’ve learned more about the five principles, below is a quick checklist with success strategies to…Read More »

03.18.14 |

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process — Fourth Principle: Certifications

We’ve already discussed how screening compliance, eligibility and forms compliance can help companies optimize their Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening process— the next crucial step is certification. Before employers can claim a credit on their federal income tax return, they must apply with their WOTC state agency and receive certification that newly hired employees…Read More »

03.11.14 |

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process — Third Principle: Forms Compliance

Companies that follow five key principles are in a good position to help maximize the value of their Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. We’ve already covered screening compliance and eligibility; the next key principle is forms compliance. Forms compliance refers to the number of eligible forms that are submitted to the appropriate WOTC agency…Read More »

03.05.14 |

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process — Second Principle: Eligibility

Five interdependent, key principles can help maximize the value of a company’s Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) program. We’ve already covered screening compliance; the next key principle is eligibility. Eligibility refers to the number of new hires who are members of one of the WOTC target groups and, therefore, qualify a company to claim the…Read More »

02.26.14 |

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process – First Principle: Screening Compliance

How does your business capture the financial benefit of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)?  To help offset tightening budgets and to align with diversity and veteran hiring initiatives, more companies are looking to take advantage of the federal WOTC program.  However, shifting regulations and labor intensive administrative complexities can make it difficult to realize…Read More »


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