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Chuck Leddy is a versatile, fast-learning communications professional with a proven track record as a digital content marketer. Writing for clients like GE, ADP, the National Center for the Middle Market, smartShift (computing), Office Depot, and more, he's published hundreds of articles, features, profiles, and interviews. He's also developed strong social media skills for researching and disseminating content. The word for Chuck is versatility, though he writes best about the intersection between business and psychology. Chuck has a unique ability to make complex ideas accessible.

Articles by Author: Chuck Leddy:

04.26.16 |

Severe Weather Policies for Business: Questions and Answers

Severe weather policies are important for businesses because they emphasize the safety needs of employees while also addressing business continuity concerns. Employees need to know if they should come into work or not, whether they can work from home if possible, if they’ll be paid when the business closes early and more. Severe weather policies…Read More »

04.20.16 |

The DOJ Compliance Counsel: 7 Things CFOs Need to Know

In late 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) hired Hui Chen as counsel for the DOJ Fraud Section. With the appointment of a new DOJ compliance counsel, the department has signaled its heightened focus on compliance. Here’s what CFOs need to know. 1. Chen is a compliance expert. Before accepting her latest role, Ms….Read More »

04.13.16 |

Managing the Risks of Unemployment Claims

Effectively managing the risks of unemployment claims is an important part of an overall employment-related compliance strategy. While federal unemployment insurance (UI) tax rates are fixed, state UI tax rates are not; instead, they’re directly related to the number of your former employees who successfully claim and collect unemployment benefits. By following best practices in…Read More »

04.12.16 |

Wage Garnishments in Georgia: The Law Needs Fixing

Companies face continuing uncertainty about the constitutionality of wage garnishments in Georgia. Parts of the Georgia law were declared unconstitutional on September 8, 2015, when federal district court Judge Marvin Shoob ruled the law violated constitutional due process because it failed to notify debtors about legal exemptions to garnishment. A debtor’s benefits from Social Security,…Read More »

pros and cons in letterpress type
03.28.16 |

Paper Check Versus Paycard: Weighing the Pros and Cons

When it comes to paying employees by paper check versus paycard, paycards can lower costs both for organizations and employees who lack bank accounts (i.e., who are “unbanked”). It also may allow employees to receive faster payments. Companies generally pay wages in three ways: paper checks, direct deposit or paycards. For employees without a traditional banking relationship, direct deposit…Read More »


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