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Chuck Leddy is a versatile, fast-learning communications professional with a proven track record as a digital content marketer. Writing for clients like GE, ADP, the National Center for the Middle Market, smartShift (computing), Office Depot, and more, he's published hundreds of articles, features, profiles, and interviews. He's also developed strong social media skills for researching and disseminating content. The word for Chuck is versatility, though he writes best about the intersection between business and psychology. Chuck has a unique ability to make complex ideas accessible.

Articles by Author: Chuck Leddy:

07.27.16 |

Brexit Vote Triggers Global Uncertainty: What CFOs Should Know

On June 23, in a hotly contested national referendum, citizens of the United Kingdom voted 52 to 48 percent in favor of Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union, according to BBC News. The historic vote has already had an effect on global markets. CFOs and financial leaders now confront an international business landscape…Read More »

07.13.16 |

CFO and CHRO Collaboration: A Power Partnership

CFO and CHRO collaboration has become a growth-driving trend over the last decade. A recent survey from global consultants Ernst & Young (EY) found that 80 percent of the 550 CFOs and CHROs surveyed said that their relationship had become more collaborative over the past three years. The reasons are fairly obvious. Human capital is…Read More »

07.05.16 |

The Value of Human Capital: Measuring Your Most Important Assets

Assessing the value of human capital (HC), the most important asset of any organization, has long been easier said than done. Because it is such an intangible asset, assigning a value on a balance sheet is a perennial challenge. There are no generally accepted standards for measuring the value of people, unlike the readily available…Read More »

06.29.16 |

HR Data for Strategic Insights: The CFO and CHRO as Allies

HR data for strategic insights is altering the role of both CFOs and CHROs. Organizations that can work effectively across financial and HR functions in order to implement big data solutions are best positioned to capitalize on the evolving benefits of human capital management (HCM) and predictive analytics. Investments in HCM analytics can enable organizations…Read More »

controlling costs
06.23.16 |

Controlling Costs: Some Non-Traditional Options

For CFOs, controlling costs is a core function. When cuts are required, CFOs often look to the “usual suspects,” such as renegotiating supplier/vendor relationships, eliminating positions that aren’t driving sufficient growth or exploring automation solutions. But what can CFOs do about controlling costs when those low-hanging fruit have already been plucked? Getting the Ball Rolling…Read More »

06.22.16 |

4 Big ACA Questions for CFOs

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought unprecedented complexity to the compliance efforts of U.S. companies. Among the many ACA questions for CFOs to consider is how to best adapt to the ongoing, multi-year implementation of the health care overhaul while simultaneously controlling costs and retaining talent. According to a 2015 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, only about…Read More »

Big Data for ACA Compliance
05.17.16 |

Big Data for ACA Compliance

Big data is an increasingly important tool for ACA compliance as the government’s complex health care reform continues to roll out. Organizations with compliance gaps will not only face frustration and steep penalties, but also stress their limited IT and human resource capacities. The ACA has transformed what was once an annual enrollment event into…Read More »

Paying Millennials
05.11.16 |

Paying Millennials: The Trend Toward Digital

It should come as no surprise that Millennials, renowned for being digital natives, are transforming the way companies work. In particular, paying Millennials is undergoing a transformation as they ask more and more to be paid digitally. Mobile apps such as Apple Pay make it easier for people to leave their wallets and credit cards…Read More »

05.05.16 |

So You’re Compliant, But Is It Costing You?

As the complexity of compliance tasks grows with the arrival of new regulations, automation for compliance tasks will be a huge trend for 2016. The ramped-up implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be the best example, showing how regulatory complexity imposes ever-more stress on your team. Automation tools are also getting better all…Read More »

05.04.16 |

How Humans Pair Up With Big Data for Human Capital Decision Making and Compliance

With “people expense” typically the largest cost of most companies, and recruiting and developing talent a top organizational priority perennially, little wonder why more CFOs are turning to big data for Human Capital Management (HCM) decision making in order to drive productivity, recruit and develop talent and gain an array of actionable, people-related insights. Big…Read More »


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