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Bill Cushard
Bill Cushard is a writer and marketing director for a Silicon Valley enterprise software company specializing in content marketing. His professional background includes building learning and development and technology education services teams at fast-growing software companies. Bill is co-author of the book, "Critical Skills All Learning Professionals Can Put To Use Today," and covers the intersection of learning, enterprise software adoption, and customer success. His work has appeared in Employee Benefits News, the HumanCapitalist, Business Insider, Software Development Times, the Executive Magazine, and several other blogs. He has also given talks at numerous conferences. Bill takes his experience as a corporate educator to write articles that are entertaining, educational, and practical.

Articles by Author: Bill Cushard:

business, people, cloud computing and technology concept - smiling business team with smartphones, tablet pc computers working in office
08.18.16 |

Reboot Financial Processes with the Cloud

According to PWC, financial processes have been undergoing a steady shift from traditional back-office “scorekeeping” to more strategic processes that help drive organizational performance. But despite the many years of focus, the evolution has been slow. The finance function seems to need some inspiration to rid itself of archaic processes and transform into a strategic…Read More »

07.12.16 |

Should You Hire or Train?

When cultivating talent for your organization, should you hire or train? It seems like a question for HR, but CFOs have a stake in the decision, as well. Not only are there cost differences that CFOs should look at, but there are a number of other variables to consider. In other words, it’s not really…Read More »

virtual workforce
06.28.16 |

Build a Virtual Workforce to Attract Talent and Reduce Costs

A virtual workforce could be just what your organization needs to combat both the tightening labor market and the cost of office space in major city centers. As collaboration technology continues to evolve and improve, more and more types of work can be done off-site. That can be a win-win for organizations and the talent…Read More »

06.01.16 |

Stay Ahead of Technology Innovation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

CFOs must stay ahead of technology innovation in order to help their organizations develop and sustain a competitive advantage. According to Harvard Business Review’s John Chambers, former executive chairman and former CEO of Cisco Systems, organizations are currently navigating several technology transitions, including cloud computing, mobility and the internet of things, which “force us and…Read More »

What the Analytical CFO Needs to Know About Being the Chief Analytics Officer
05.19.16 |

What the Analytical CFO Needs to Know About Being the Chief Analytics Officer

As analytics becomes a much larger trend, some companies are adding a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) to the C-Suite, notes Fast Company. The analytical CFO is beginning to take on that role in companies not ready to add a dedicated CAO. The question is: What do CFOs need to know to take on the role…Read More »


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