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Tim Henderson Article

Are You Meeting Your Employees’ Needs When It Comes to Payroll?

As an employer, driving innovation in the workplace is always top of mind. Payroll is one area where employers have the opportunity to transform outdated systems and streamline the process so it’s more user-friendly and convenient for staff. As the workplace continues to evolve (we’re now seeing Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers working…Read More »

FUTA infographic Image

[Infographic] Changes to the Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) for 2015: What Employers Need to Know

As employers prepare for tax filing season, the IRS released the 2015 Form 940, which is an employer’s annual Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA ) Return. The 2015 version of the FUTA tax return (IRS form 940 and Schedule A) should not differ significantly from last year’s version, but employers (particularly multistate employers) should note that additional…Read More »

Year-End Flyer 150

Top Ten Tips for Year-End Success in 2015

Payroll, human resources, tax and accounting professionals, year-end is fast approaching. Can you hear the clock ticking? Will you be in compliance with the newest employment tax law changes? Do you know all the states that will have a FUTA credit reduction? Will the Form 941 totals you report to the IRS match the W-2…Read More »

Time Clock and Time Card

How Companies Are Preparing for New Overtime Regulations

On June 30, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced proposed rules amending the regulations governing certain overtime exemptions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that will broaden the number and range of employees who qualify for overtime pay. While these regulations may still be months away before being finalized, most companies will…Read More »

Human Resources

Paycards 4 of 4: Common Paycard Compliance Issues for Employers

As paycards become a more common wage payments tool, many companies are starting to consider this option as part of a comprehensive electronic payment solution to help drive efficiencies and cost savings. Paycard regulations vary by state. However, there are four common compliance issues to be aware of when offering your employees the option to…Read More »

Rubix Cube 160

Your Biggest New ACA Compliance Challenge is – A Piece of Paper?

Author and educator, Booker T. Washington, once said, “Success is to be measured by the obstacles you have to overcome.” His observation is right on the money when you consider that some of the most daunting obstacles facing businesses involve regulatory compliance. For example, new rules, regulations, and forms have made the Affordable Care Act…Read More »

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Paycards 3 of 4: Navigating Multi-State Paycard Compliance

Paycard compliance is a challenge no matter where your business resides, but it becomes even more complicated if your organization operates across state lines. Multi-state employers must be aware of the varying state-by-state regulations in order to synchronize their payroll operations and avoid compliance penalties. The key to remaining compliant across state borders is an…Read More »

Michigan State Flag crop

Reduction in Taxable Wage Base Means Michigan Employers Pay Less in Unemployment Taxes

The Unemployment Insurance Agency, which operates Michigan’s unemployment insurance program by collecting unemployment taxes from employers, recently announced that businesses will pay less in unemployment taxes due to a reduction in the state’s Taxable Wage Base starting in the third quarter of 2015.1 This reduction only applies to contributing employers who pay unemployment taxes and…Read More »

Career tree concept

The Key to CECO Success: Wearing Two Hats

A recent study[1] that’s conducted annually by LRN, a company that provides solutions to help employers mitigate risk and foster a values-driven culture, looked at how the ethics and compliance function operates within organizations across the globe. The companies that responded to the LRN study were assigned a PEI (Program Effectiveness Index), which placed them…Read More »

Compliance Word Cloud with Lightbulb Shape

Paycards 1 of 4: The State of Paycard Legislation

Regulation is always a top-of-mind issue for HR executives, and those in charge of business paycard programs are aware that the rules governing those programs are under debate across the nation. Currently, employers have legal approval to stop issuing paper paychecks in at least twenty states if they offer employees the choice of direct deposit…Read More »


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