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At the “Big D” — and We Don’t (Just) Mean Dallas

deltek_insightActually, we are indeed in Dallas but the “Big D” this week is Deltek Insight. We’ve been talking to users of the Deltek Costpoint® platform and other Deltek solutions about some of the challenges they face in maintaining employment-related tax and payment compliance.

One thing we’re hearing from nearly everyone here is how an ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations across multiple jurisdictions often makes it more and more difficult for these companies to remain compliant, mitigate risks associated with non-compliance, maintain business process efficiencies and focus on their strategic initiatives. This isn’t surprising at all, given that according to CFO Research*, 81% of financial executives surveyed say the time it takes to monitor employment-related tax and payment rule changes has increased over the past two years, while 57% say their compliance budgets will be flat or decreased. The pain of having to do more with less is certainly not isolated to just a few businesses.

Some of the companies we spoke to are looking for ways to extend and enhance their core Deltek system to assist with these compliance challenges. ERP-centric platforms such as ADP SmartCompliance℠ can help Deltek users accomplish this, which is why we’re here this week. ADP SmartCompliance integrates with Deltek Costpoint and other Deltek platforms to help improve compliance capabilities, especially in the areas of employment tax, wage payments and wage garnishments.

We’re sharing a white paper with booth visitors this week entitled, Navigating Complexity: How a Unified Platform Can Help Improve Tax, Employment and Payroll Compliance Management, that addresses some of these challenges. You can get a copy of the white paper here.

Learn more about solutions from ADP that work with Deltek systems.

*Managing Compliance in a Changing Environment, CFO Research, in collaboration with ADP, January 2013

Deltek Costpoint is a registered trademark of Deltek, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.


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