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3M Gets Creative in its Approach to Educating Employees About Compliance

EducationGlobal innovation company 3M wanted to educate employees about its updated social media policy, so it did the only reasonable thing it could think of: create a video of former president William McKnight tweeting… in 1907.

According to a recent interview with 3M Chief Compliance Officer Jim Zappa in the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal, the video served as a jumping-off point to say, “Our company has always been social, what does that mean?”

Zappa went on to say, “Information is great, but at the end of the day we want to get to behavior.”

According to the article, 3M’s code of conduct and approach to compliance is built around six fundamental expectations: Be honest, be good, be loyal, be fair and impartial, be accurate, and be respectful. Every compliance policy the company has connects back to one of those basic philosophies.

Zappa said he sees the role of compliance as much more than just ensuring the company avoids non-compliance penalties and fees.

“What I think is important for me as a chief compliance officer is: are we continuing to have a proactive impact on our ability to grow the business and still meet all of our compliance and ethical obligations? Because if you don’t do both of those, you are putting your business at risk, which is not at all the right thing to do.”

A recent ADP and CFO Research survey of 150 senior HR, finance and accounting executives found similar attitudes toward compliance. About half of respondents said employment-related tax and payment compliance has a positive impact on their company’s profitability. Close to 60 percent of survey respondents also said employment-related tax and payment compliance has a positive impact on their company’s bottom line by helping to increase operational efficiency and employee productivity.

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