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06.30.16 |

Financial transparency means making financial information as visible and accessible. But full transparency is difficult because of the many disparate components, the nature of how financial information is gathered across an organization and the different...Read More »

06.29.16 |

HR data for strategic insights is altering the role of both CFOs and CHROs. Organizations that can work effectively across financial and HR functions in order to implement big data solutions are best positioned to...Read More »

virtual workforce
06.28.16 |

A virtual workforce could be just what your organization needs to combat both the tightening labor market and the cost of office space in major city centers. As collaboration technology continues to evolve and improve,...Read More »

controlling costs
06.23.16 |

For CFOs, controlling costs is a core function. When cuts are required, CFOs often look to the “usual suspects,” such as renegotiating supplier/vendor relationships, eliminating positions that aren’t driving sufficient growth or exploring automation solutions....Read More »

06.22.16 |

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought unprecedented complexity to the compliance efforts of U.S. companies. Among the many ACA questions for CFOs to consider is how to best adapt to the ongoing, multi-year implementation...Read More »

06.01.16 |

CFOs must stay ahead of technology innovation in order to help their organizations develop and sustain a competitive advantage. According to Harvard Business Review’s John Chambers, former executive chairman and former CEO of Cisco Systems,...Read More »


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