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05.26.16 |

Tax reduction, such as through maximizing tax credits, can significantly improve a company’s bottom line. A strategically minded CFO, however, will look beyond tax breaks. Here are four tips to help you get the most...Read More »

05.25.16 |

Reducing compliance costs may be one of the most intractable areas of cost reduction for company executives. If a central CFO role is to function as Chief of Cost Cutting, the difficulties often extend beyond...Read More »

05.24.16 |

While the various types of work have changed over time, the relationship between worker and management has generally remained the same: employees work side by side at a place of business. As a major departure...Read More »

What the Analytical CFO Needs to Know About Being the Chief Analytics Officer
05.19.16 |

As analytics becomes a much larger trend, some companies are adding a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) to the C-Suite, notes Fast Company. The analytical CFO is beginning to take on that role in companies not...Read More »

Wage Garnishment Legislation Powers Thrust Toward Payroll Automation
05.18.16 |

What’s behind recent activity in wage garnishment legislation? In some parts of the country, more than seven in every 100 U.S. employees had their wages garnished, according a 2014 study commissioned by Propublica. The study...Read More »

Big Data for ACA Compliance
05.17.16 |

Big data is an increasingly important tool for ACA compliance as the government’s complex health care reform continues to roll out. Organizations with compliance gaps will not only face frustration and steep penalties, but also...Read More »


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