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Rubix Cube

Author and educator, Booker T. Washington, once said, “Success is to be measured by the obstacles you have to overcome.” His observation is right on the money when you consider that some of the most...Read More »

Grunge state of Colorado flag map
08.27.15 |

At its August meeting, the Colorado Economic Development Commission (CEDC) approved zone redesignations for 14 of Colorado’s 16 Enterprise Zones, marking the first changes to zone boundaries since the zones were first designated in 1996.1...Read More »

Streamline 160
08.24.15 |

Handling wage garnishment orders can be challenging for companies to do on their own as requirements vary by state, jurisdiction and the particular court ordering the garnishment. Differences in maximum withholding limits, calculations, lien priorities...Read More »

Multi-state 160

Paycard compliance is a challenge no matter where your business resides, but it becomes even more complicated if your organization operates across state lines. Multi-state employers must be aware of the varying state-by-state regulations in...Read More »

Michigan State Flag crop

The Unemployment Insurance Agency, which operates Michigan’s unemployment insurance program by collecting unemployment taxes from employers, recently announced that businesses will pay less in unemployment taxes due to a reduction in the state’s Taxable Wage...Read More »

Money Transfer
08.18.15 |

In addition to keeping up with paycard regulations in the states in which your business operates, it’s also necessary to know the rules that were established to help protect consumers nationwide. Regulation E was issued...Read More »

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