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04.28.16 |

With some compliance budgets set to see an uptick, big data systems may be a high-payoff investment. But whether big data is having a big impact depends on whom you ask. Engineers and software developers...Read More »

04.27.16 |

Cost-efficient growth has become a Holy Grail within many businesses: a goal ardently pursued, yet infrequently achieved. Indeed, 90 percent of respondents to a recent CFO Signals survey by Deloitte said a top priority was...Read More »

04.26.16 |

Severe weather policies are important for businesses because they emphasize the safety needs of employees while also addressing business continuity concerns. Employees need to know if they should come into work or not, whether they...Read More »


   Click to View the Infographic Below Think you know wage garnishments? You probably know the basics: When a debt is owed, an employer receives an order requiring them to withhold a portion of an...Read More »

04.20.16 |

In late 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) hired Hui Chen as counsel for the DOJ Fraud Section. With the appointment of a new DOJ compliance counsel, the department has signaled its heightened focus...Read More »

04.19.16 |

The role of the CFO is in flux. While his or her chief concern remains the financial health of the organization, gone are the days where the CFO works only with numbers. And while accounting...Read More »


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