Cut taxes
04.21.14 Insights Editor

New Jersey Federal Loan Interest Assessment (FLINT) Tax – Solvency Arrives Early

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced that as of this May (2014), the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund will be fully solvent, two years ahead of when many ...

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Top AP Automation Goals for 2014
04.18.14 Jimmy LeFever

The Drive Toward Straight-Through Processing

The following is a guest post from Jimmy LeFever, Research Manager at Paystream. In an effort to help optimize invoice management, more companies are moving to touchless or straight-through processing ...

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04.16.14 Kerstin Nemec

Arizona Attracts Businesses With the Quality Jobs Tax Credit

Arizona is generally known as a business-friendly place. Last year Forbes singled out the state for its potential job growth (the business magazine ranked Arizona as the 24th best state ...

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04.15.14 Jeanne Madden

WOTC Screening Checklist

We hope you found our series of blog posts on how to help optimize your organization’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening process valuable. Building a best-in-class WOTC program can ...

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New York
04.11.14 Insights Editor


On March 31, 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law New York’s 2014-2015 Executive Budget. The following are some of the provisions in the budget legislation which have a direct ...

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US Capitol across water
04.04.14 Kerstin Nemec

Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax Extenders and Establishes a New WOTC Category; Bill Now Headed to Senate

On April 3, the Senate Finance Committee held a voice vote and approved a package of tax extenders including: a two year extension of WOTC (through the end of 2015) ...

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Source: PayStream Advisors, Electronic Invoice Management: A Move to the Middle, 2014
04.04.14 Sush Koka

Electronic Invoicing: What’s Holding it Back?

Electronic invoicing has been around for a number of years, but its adoption has been slow. Even as organizations that have adopted electronic invoicing often tout its benefits – which ...

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U.S. Supreme Court
03.27.14 Kerstin Nemec

Supreme Court Rules on the Taxability of Severance

On Tuesday March 25, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in United States v. Quality Stores Inc., finding that severance compensation is subject to tax under the Federal ...

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California flag
03.26.14 ADP Compliance Insights

California Competes Tax Credit – $30 Million Up for Grabs by April 14, 2014

The California Competes Tax Credit is a newly enacted discretionary incentive available to companies that are considering an expansion in, or relocation to, the State of California. The benefit of ...

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People in conference room
03.25.14 Jeanne Madden

Optimizing Your WOTC Screening Process — Fifth Principle: Reporting

This series of blog posts has covered key principles that, when holistically covered, can help maximize the value of a company’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. We’ve already covered ...

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