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California competes 1 160
09.17.14 |

Earlier in the year, we talked about the California Competes Tax Credit, which is designed to benefit companies that are considering an expansion in, or relocation to, the State of California. Now, the first California...Read More »

one half 160
09.16.14 |

What percentage of U.S. businesses would say no to cost savings, improved cash forecasting, tighter fraud controls and more efficient reconciliation? At face value, the question seems absurd, but in essence, half the B2B transactions...Read More »

Garnishments- the untold story 160

Around the same time Charlie Chaplin made his film debut in a silent movie coincidentally titled “Making a Living” in 1914, many U.S. states established a process that allowed creditors to recover debts through employee...Read More »

5 steps 160
09.11.14 |

Today, almost half of business-to-business invoices within the U.S. are traded electronically, with paper invoices continuing to decline from 59 percent in 2012 to 52 percent in 2013, as electronic invoicing gains more traction, according...Read More »

broken 160

Paycards continue to grow as an industry trend, with big financial cohorts like JP Morgan Chase and American Express recently venturing into the space by offering prepaid cards of their own. The paycard expansion doesn’t...Read More »

Massachusettes 160
09.01.14 |

On August 13, 2014, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law An Act to Promote Economic Growth in the Commonwealth, which adds new income tax credits to Massachusetts’ suite of economic incentives and expands funding...Read More »

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