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costs 160

While the Great Recession may have officially ended, many unemployed workers are still struggling to re-enter the workforce. According to a new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the number of unemployed...Read More »

Garnishment 160

Understanding the root cause of a problem is often the first step toward solving it – and mitigating its impact.  Wage garnishments – or debt recovery through pay seizures – are no different.  By examining...Read More »

Antiquated 160
09.29.14 |

According to The Pew Research Center’s “Digital Life in 2025” report, which aggregates the opinions of more than 2,500 digital experts and technology builders to examine how our lives will be different ten years from...Read More »

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September 1-5 was National Payroll Week in the United States—a whole week dedicated to recognizing wage earners and payroll professionals. Though this week recognizes all the business benefits of a quality payroll system, recent research...Read More »

size 160
09.23.14 |

Choice! Over the years we have become so used to having multiple options to choose from when we buy something. There was a time when ice cream meant vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. But now with...Read More »

South Carolina 160
09.22.14 |

The South Carolina Job Tax Credit is an incentive available to various industries operating in South Carolina, including manufacturing, banks, warehousing, distribution and certain retail establishments, among others. The credit is designed to encourage businesses...Read More »

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