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05.22.15 |

This final blog post based on PayStream Advisors’ recent webinar, “Top P2P Trends for 2015,” focuses on contract negotiation. The previous posts in this five-part series shared insights on features and functionality, buyer-supplier collaboration and...Read More »

05.21.15 |

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to cut down on costs throughout the organization.  Today, many companies are learning that you don’t always have to cut back to reduce costs – in fact, sometimes you...Read More »

South Carolina 1
05.20.15 |

Employers have plenty of headaches when it comes to running a business.  From payroll management to healthcare regulations and employment taxes, they have a lot on theirplate.  Luckily, business owners in South Carolina have a...Read More »

05.19.15 |

At the beginning of the year, the Maine Revenue Services (MRS) and the Maine Department of Labor changed the way companies will need to file their income tax withholding and unemployment taxes.[1]  In the past, businesses...Read More »

Garn in OR
05.18.15 |

An average of 9.6 percent of employees in Oregon have their wages garnished, compared to the national average of 7.2 percent, according to the results of the ADP Research Institute’s September 2014 study, Garnishment –...Read More »

05.14.15 |

The way we make and receive payments has changed over the course of human history and continues to evolve. If you want to get a snapshot of that evolution, take a look at your own...Read More »

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