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10.30.14 |

While the potential benefits of electronic invoicing are widely known, getting suppliers to switch from paper to electronic isn’t always easy. To gain the increased efficiency, security and accuracy that can come from making this...Read More »

North Carolina160

The ins and outs of payroll tax law vary widely by state, so filing and paying payroll taxes in a timely manner can be challenging. The following payroll tax overview should give companies a better...Read More »

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A host of factors like a recovering economy and low interest rates have spurred an influx of employment and income verification requests from creditors and property managers—and there is no stopping in sight. The Federal...Read More »

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10.23.14 |

The Obama Administration recently announced that the application period for the second round of Promise Zones is now open, with the intent that eight new Promise Zones will be awarded in the current round.  Zones...Read More »

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10.21.14 |

At the End of Your Rope at Year-End?  Year-end can be an incredibly busy time for payroll and tax professionals. It can be a perfect storm of too many tasks to complete in too little time. For tax...Read More »

Electronic Pay 160

More than 96 percent of American workers prefer to receive their pay by direct deposit, a payroll card or a prepaid reloadable card, according to the National Payroll Association’s “Getting Paid in America” survey. Only...Read More »

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