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08.18.16 |

According to PWC, financial processes have been undergoing a steady shift from traditional back-office “scorekeeping” to more strategic processes that help drive organizational performance. But despite the many years of focus, the evolution has been...Read More »

07.27.16 |

On June 23, in a hotly contested national referendum, citizens of the United Kingdom voted 52 to 48 percent in favor of Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union, according to BBC News. The...Read More »

07.26.16 |

Expectations for CFOs and finance departments evolve as reporting requirements change. CFOs can work with human resources to train employees and ensure finance teams provide accurate, relevant financial information inside and outside their organizations. HR...Read More »

07.13.16 |

CFO and CHRO collaboration has become a growth-driving trend over the last decade. A recent survey from global consultants Ernst & Young (EY) found that 80 percent of the 550 CFOs and CHROs surveyed said...Read More »

07.12.16 |

When cultivating talent for your organization, should you hire or train? It seems like a question for HR, but CFOs have a stake in the decision, as well. Not only are there cost differences that...Read More »

07.07.16 |

The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced on June 29, 2016 the fiscal year 2016-17 application periods for the California Competes Tax Credit.  The application periods are as follows: July 25,...Read More »


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